Monday, March 10, 2014

Quickie Review: Caramel Coffee Kreme Doughnut- Krispy Kreme - Collingswood, NJ

Caramel Coffee Kreme Doughnut- Krispy Kreme - Collingswood, NJ 
Yesterday we lost an hour (due to daylight savings), but Krispy Kreme softened the blow by offering all of their customers a free glazed doughnut!
My friend Joe went to claim his free doughnut and ended up buying 2 dozen of the new coffee themed doughnuts to share, which was really awesome. (Thank you Joe!) I grabbed my cellphone and snapped some pictures just so I could post this quickie review.

Similar to the Key Lime doughnut I reviewed last spring, this is a traditional yeast doughnut with a hole in the center that has been topped with a flavored glaze and filled with a flavored creme. It's pretty messy, this is definitely not a doughnut you can eat in the car on your way to work, but it smells really interesting.
Not only can I smell sugar and fried dough, but there was a fairly strong coffee aroma.
I took a bite, which was a bit messy due to the creme, but the flavor was really impressive.

The tan-colored glaze on the top of the doughnut has a sweet caramel flavoring, similar to a grocery store caramel ice cream topping, but it's mixed with a drizzle of what I believe to vanilla glaze with a hint of coffee. While the doughnut and the glazed toppings are really sweet and subtlety flavored, the creme in the center is fairly intense. (Well intense when compared to the watered down flavors I have been reviewing lately.) The filling has a strong, but sweet, coffee flavoring. I couldn't detect much caramel in the creme filling, but it was leaps and bound better than any doughnuts I have reviewed lately.

I am used to fancy flavored doughnuts letting me down (I'm looking at you Dunkin'), but this one really delivers what it said it would. This is a strong, but sweet, caramel coffee flavored doughnut. I really enjoyed this doughnut, and so did my coffee addicted boyfriend who shared it with me. So both coffee fanatics and non-coffee drinkers should enjoy this one.
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  1. How much does the Caramel Coffee Kream donut cost? I would like to get them for my daughter’s baby shower.