Saturday, April 5, 2014

Iced Cookie Dough Latte (with sugar and milk)- Dunkin' Donuts: Pennsauken, NJ

Iced Cookie Dough Latte (with sugar and milk)- Dunkin' Donuts: Pennsauken, NJ
That's right! The newest items to join the cookie dough craze are a Dunkin' Donuts coffee and latte. At first, it seemed like cookie dough was going to be a flavor trend for 2014, since two limited edition cookie dough items were released one right after another, but the trend petered out as quickly as it began. After a month of cookie-dough-less items, Dunkin' decided to revive the trend with these dessert coffees. After reviewing the unimpressive Cookie Dough Oreos, and a filled doughnut, I was a bit skeptical of this coffee, so I'm going into this review with fairly low expectations.
This fancy new item uses the same packaging as every other beverage at Dunkin', so there's nothing to report here. I'll just skip right to the review.
I wanted to drink the iced latte as advertized, so I ordered it with milk, sugar, and whipped cream. (Which works well for me anyway, since I like my coffee sweet.) At a glance, it looks like the same beige-y color of all iced lattes, but it smells a bit sweeter.
I took a sip, and this stuff was sweet, really sweet, and this is coming from a person who adds at least three packets of sugar to her coffee. With that being said, I recommend skipping the added sugar. (You can always sweeten it on your own.) Once I got through the initial sweetness, and whipped cream, this stuff surprisingly tasted a lot like real cookie dough. There are some chocolate and brown sugar notes in the syrup that work well with the espresso and milk, and it creates a passable cookie dough ice cream flavor. While it isn't perfect, and I doubt that I would know this was meant to be cookie dough flavored in a blind taste test, this is the most authentic cookie dough flavoring I had so far.

Not only will this latte give you a sugar rush as is, but the caffeine really kicked my butt today. I woke up early and sold my art at the first ever Camden Comic Con (which was amazing). After the con shut down around 4pm, I planned on taking a nap (I was exhausted), but I was so wired from the sugar and espresso in this drink that I stayed up all night. (Although it's worth mentioning that I rarely drink coffee, so I have little to no tolerance for caffeine.)

If you're looking for a sugary coffee fix that will satisfy an ice cream craving, this will deliver. (Although I'm not entirely sure that the latte would be the healthier choice.)
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