Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Must Chewing Gum in Orange & Banana - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ

Must Chewing Gum in Orange & Banana - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ
Here's a little box of Kosher chewing gum I picked up at Wegman's! I meant to post this during Passover, but Tuesday was the last day, so I'm a little late. (Although I haven't gone to sleep so it's still Tuesday to me. That counts right?)

I saw a few different flavors of this MUST chewing gum in the Asian/Indian aisle while my boyfriend and I were picking up more seaweed snacks. (I wasn't kidding when I said I was eating those things like crazy.) It seemed a bit out of place, but I think the aisles are being reworked and the Kosher items are being relocated there. Since I have been on a major banana kick lately, this flavor caught my eye.

Until today I had never heard of MUST, so I decided to google it and the results were a bit unexpected. Apparently this brand of chewing gum is not only sugar free and Kosher, but it's far from ordinary. With flavors like marshmallow rope, popcorn, and mango peach, I already want to buy more and I haven't even tasted the flavor I purchased!

Before I get too excited, I should check out the flavor I have on hand.
Like most chiclet-style chewing gums, the outer packaging is made of cardboard.

Admittedly, the box art is bland. I feel like the design department tried to spice things up with those white gradient swooshes, but they don't make any sense. Am I missing something? Another thing is, when I look at this box, the logo itself bothers me a lot. I'm unfamiliar with this brand, but the "U" in "MUST" has a dent at the bottom. To me, it looks like some badly traced vector art, but for all I know it might be intentional.

The reason why I bought this wasn't because I was dying to photograph it, instead I was really looking forward to eating it. Orange and banana may be a common combination in smoothies, but you don't see it in American sweets. Being a fan of both fruits, I have high hopes for this candy.

When I opened the box the little pieces of gum were white and rectangular. I was a little bit surprised by the lack of color in the gum, I had been expecting it to be orange, but the white is really nice. It makes the product seem a bit more natural. (Although I doubt it really is.)

Due to the protective coating, the gum didn't have any smell.

I took a bite, and the outside shell was really thin. After the first few chews there is no crunchy hint of it, and the flavoring starts to set in. Initially, I was a bite disappointed in the taste, because it started out tasting just like American Juicyfruit, but as I kept chewing the flavor got a bit richer.

Eventually there are some sweet and creamy banana notes, and there is a hint of citrus to brighten things up, but this was no where near as intensely flavored as I had hoped. If you chewed a piece of Juicyfruit after eating a banana I imagine you'd get the same flavoring.

Although I still want to look for the more exotic flavors of MUST to try in the future, I won't be buying this one again.
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