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Birthday Frosting Filled Chips Ahoy! - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ

Birthday Frosting Filled Chips Ahoy! - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ
What is with this birthday cake trend? I don't understand why there is a sudden obsession with things tasting like "Birthday Cake" when it isn't even a real flavor. According to M&M's it's chocolate cake with white icing, Krispy Kreme seems to think it's a vanilla cake with vanilla icing, and now Chips Ahoy is peddling this version with yellow cake. (I blame 50 Cent and Katy Perry. NolinkforyouKatyI'maGagafan.) Enough rambling, let's see if these cookies are worth the hype and if they are as bad for you and they appear to be.

The packaging is very bright and festive on it's own, but it blends in with the rest of the Chips Ahoy line very easily. I walked right past this, and was about to head for the check out line empty handed, when my boyfriend spotted these on the highest shelf next to the Oreo Creme Filled version. (Good find honey!)

When I look at the packaging it's fairly pleasing to the eye, although it's a bit busy, and it photographed really nicely, but I didn't notice it at all on the shelves. Why didn't Chips Ahoy go all out and make the background a vastly different color than the rest of their line? It just seems smarter to me to have your new item really stand out on the shelves. (Like their Ice Cream Line.)

Enough packaging, it's nice, but let's get to the main event.

I pulled back the plastic to reveal the cookies and...they looked pretty sad to be honest. This did not look like a very happy birthday to anyone, so I added some sprinkles to cheer these photos up a bit. (Which worked.)

First of all, these things are pretty tiny, look at the size of this cookie compared to my thumb, how can there possibly be icing inside of this? Next, the only thing "Birthday" about these things are the small colored chips in the cookie dough, but they are barely visible.

When I picked up one row of cookies for plating I noticed that they were so soft that they squished on the side that was sitting against the container, which made them look even sadder. Chips Ahoy is NOT playing around when they say these are "soft."

As far as smell, these are just like normal processed chocolate chip cookies, but there is this greasy vanilla scent that lingers, and it reminds me of the filling for THESE oatmeal cookies. (Not very birthday-icing-y in my opinion. Unless you buy your Birthday cakes from Little Debbie.)

I took a bite, and there was actually frosting inside these little buggers. The icing is really light, as if it has been whipped, but the consistency is very greasy and it tastes just like that oatmeal-sandwich filling. As you can see there are some colored bits of sugar in the icing, but they add nothing to the flavor or texture.

I think the picture above says it all. While these aren't horrible, and it's far from a chore to eat these things, they aren't great. The icing doesn't add anything to the already processed cookie, and they aren't too nice to look at. (Although the sprinkles help.)
Plus, this "icing" leaves your mouth with a waxy, shortening-like, texture that I personally find off putting.

On the nutritional side, these aren't as bad for you as I thought they'd be. Two cookies are only 150 calories, but considering how small they are, that isn't too impressive. These are far from health food, but I thought it'd be a lot worse.

This is a fun item to buy and try with friends, but your shock and giggles will quickly turn into disappointment. (At least it did for my boyfriend and I.)
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