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Jelly Bean Cotton Candy - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ

Jelly Bean Cotton Candy - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ
When I saw this in the seasonal clearance aisle I was really curious about what "jelly bean" would taste like. I mean, jelly beans are individual fruity (or spiced) flavors, how can you make something taste like a jelly bean without it being a specific fruity flavor? I am guessing that the cotton candy inside is fruity flavored and that the "jelly bean" aspect is just to get in on the seasonal market, but I can never pass up cheap cotton candy.

Let's see what this is all about.

After quite a few reviews, I would say I'm pretty familiar with Fun Sweets and their novelty cotton candies. As far as their designs go, this is leaps and bounds better than last year's Easter design. (See the horror that is the alien baby chick HERE.) This year the design features jelly beans and bright colors, which makes sense with the flavoring, but the Halloween tub will still be my favorite design so far. (But I am totally biased because I love skulls and spooky things.)

It's a pity that Fun Sweets didn't bring back their banana flavored cotton candy, I really enjoyed it, but I don't think that flavor is very popular in America. (Sadly. ;_;)

Okay, let's see if this stuff really tastes like jelly beans.

Inside there are two colors of cotton candy, a light pink and a pale yellow.

The pink was on top, so I started with that.

It smells sweet, like normal spun sugar, but there is a slightly fruity aroma that I can't pin point. (Plus this is supposed to be jelly who knows what that means.) I took a taste, and it seems like normal pink cotton candy to me. This is just like the bagged cotton candy I would pick up on the boardwalk, so it's enjoyable, but I don't taste any "jelly bean" aspect to it at all.

Maybe I'll have better luck with the yellow.

Again, this one had the same sweet and generically fruity aroma as the pink, but this one tastes like lemon. Although I wouldn't say this is reminiscent of a lemon jelly bean, the lemon flavoring is really refreshing and it reminds me of the topping from a lemon meringue pie. (After it's been on the pie for a while, meringue tends to pick up a bit of the lemon curd flavoring, and that is what this cotton candy reminds me of. )

I keep buying Fun Sweets because their flavors are pretty good. (Especially for the cheap price.) While this doesn't taste like jelly beans at all, and I didn't really expect it to, the cotton candy inside was sweet and satisfying. Out of the two flavors I preferred the lemon, which was pretty refreshing as far as flavored sugars go. This product is definitely worth a second look if you see it in the clearance aisle, but I wish the tub was entirely lemon.
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