Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Blue Sour Patch Kid - Walmart: Berlin, NJ

New Blue Sour Patch Kid - Walmart: Berlin, NJ
Unlike my other reviews, this one is going to focus on just one flavor, so this will be short and to the point.

I was originally going to review all of the Sour Patch Kid flavors, but they are such a popular candy that I don't think it would be considered new for any of you. Instead, I'm just going to focus on the new blue flavor that has been added to the original Sour Patch line-up.

The box I purchased was in the .99 cent bin at Walmart with a bunch of boxed candies. The packaging is the same as any other "theater" style sweet, the outside is made of cardboard with a bold design and the candy itself isn't loose inside the box. Inside there is a thin plastic bag inside keeping the candy safe from the elements, but this might seem a bit redundant. I mean it's packing inside of packaging. You can argue that this keeps the candy safer and fresher, but it also allows the candy companies to give us less candy and more air. Just look at it! This bag above is half filled, if that's the case why not make the boxes smaller and save some trees?
Although I did get more air than candy, which stinks, I liked that there was a decent amount of the new blue candies in my bag.

I quickly fished one out for photos. 

The candy is a bold blue color, similar to frozen Popsicles and Icees, and it smells like artificial blue raspberry. I found that this individual flavor had the strongest smell and it seemed to rub off on the other original flavors. Everything smelled the same.

Thankfully it's an appealing smell.

I took a bite, and I found this flavor is a lot more sweet than it is sour. As far as sourness goes, this and the "redberry" are pretty weak. (For the record Redberry tastes a lot like Swedish Fish with a tiny bit of sour sugar on the outside.) Even though this new flavor had the same sour coating as any other Sour Patch candy, the chewy fruity inside was very mellow, sweet, and generic. The flavoring is a lot like blue raspberry themed Icees and Slurpees, but it seems like this candy has a slightly stronger blueberry presence. This tastes very sweet and artificial, but the slight tanginess from the sanding sugar keeps this from being overly sweet.

I like this new flavor addition, and I don't think it taste anything away from the original line up. This mellow berry flavor will surely be popular with young kids, who are usually obsessed with blue candies to begin with, and it adds a new flavor to mix the originals with. (For the record I don't think blue and orange will work well together.) Have any of you given this new flavor a try? If so, what did you think?
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  1. Sour Patch Kids are made in Canada (according to the back of the box).

  2. Now just add purple (from the sour patch kids berries) and you have a perfect rainbow.