Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Pop Shop - Collingswood, NJ

Burger Month at The Pop Shop 
- Collingswood, NJ
It's nation hamburger month! (Which is apparently a real thing.) Therefore I plan on reviewing a different burger once or twice a week for the rest of May. 
To kick things off, I decided to check out The Pop Shop in Collingswood because they have a menu featuring a different burger each day.

I ordered:
  • The Wild Wild West Burger
    Pepperjack cheese, caramelized onions, ham and bell peppers on toasted sourdough with Texifries. ($13.99)
  • Green River (a soda fountain drink)

Fried veggies and a burger patty on sourdough doesn't strike me as very "wild" or "Western," so I feel like this burger is inappropriately named, but it was admittedly delicious.
Individually, each component of this burger was perfect. The bread was toasty and had a great texture, the veggies were really fresh and flavorful, and my burger was cooked just the way I liked it.

My only real complaint would have to be the bread-to-topping ratio. After a few bites I felt like this combination of flavors was too dry. (Which is why I ended up ordering a Green River.) This specific burger doesn't come with any sauce, and the bread is pretty darn thick, so things get dry pretty quick. I wasn't gasping and begging for water, but more fresh vegetables or a Western themed sauce would have brought everything together and made the burger match it's name a bit better. (In my opinion anyway.)

The price is a bit steep, I mean it's $14 for a burger and fries, but the portions are freaking HUGE. I don't think the photo does a good job of representing it's size, but this was enough food for my lunch AND dinner. (I took home the leftovers but they never got the chance to see tomorrow.) It's worth noting that the thick-cut bread became quite tough to eat after it had been in the fridge, but I can't blame The Pop Shop for my refrigerated leftovers being chewy.  
As for the fries, there was nothing "Texi" about them. Unless I am missing something, these were just the standard Pop Shop fries, which were delicious, but I felt like this was another normal food item that reels you in with a fancy name. (Like all those Archer Farms chips and coffees.) 
The meal was very enjoyable, and I love going to The Pop Shop, but this burger didn't wow me.
As for the Green River...

Look at it! It's so bright it reminds me of Slimer and Ecto-Cooler! This soda fountain beverage was made using lemon lime soda, a splash of lime syrup, and a bit if seltzer for extra bubbles. In the end, this tasted like liquid lime popsicle. It was a really enjoyable treat, but all the sugary syrup mixed with the dry burger made me even thirstier. Our soda fountain server was nice enough to bring me a glass of water with lemon to remedy that, and afterwards this lime concoction made a pretty nice dessert, but I wouldn't suggest it as a beverage substitute. 

I love The Pop Shop, and the staff were really friendly and funny, but I wasn't wowed by this burger. I might have picked the only dud in their 31 day menu, but I'd love to return and try again. 
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