Monday, June 2, 2014

Bee's Water (Lemon) - Whole Foods: Mt Laurel, NJ

Bee's Water (Lemon) - Whole Foods: Mt Laurel, NJ
Sorry for the breif and unplanned hiatus this weekend. My boyfriend is going out of state for two weeks, so I took the weekend off to spend some time together before he leaves. (Sorry about the lack of posts.)

Anyway, I'm back with another Whole Foods beverage review. I originally went to Whole Foods to get fresh salmon for my upcoming sushi bowl post, but I couldn't resist a trip down the beverage aisle. (I picked up another bottle of Jin-+Ja while I was there too!)

This time it's one of my favorite flavor combinations, honey and lemon!

At a glance, the bottle's design is a bit rough around the edges. It's not so much the coloring and the logo as it is the content. There is so much tiny type crammed onto the back panel that it feels rushed and unedited. (Especially when compared to the forward facing design which looks a lot nicer.) Packaging is meant to house the product, catch the shoppers eye, and inform the buyer about the product. While it does the first two, things get a bit murky around the informational aspect. This font is incredibly tiny, maybe 7-8pts. That's okay for a blurb on a business card, which uses 10-8pt as a standard size, but reading this package is far more difficult than it has to be. I have very good eye sight, so I could read it, but the size is off putting. The easiest way to fix that is to nix the repetitive logo and bump the text size up a bit or two for a stronger commercial appeal.

I could go on about this packaging forever, but let's move on to the product itself.

I love the idea behind this line, which consists of fruity-waters sweetened with honey, but the flavoring is off. I've had honey comb straight from local bee keepers, and this liquid does not taste like natural honey mixed with water and lemon. I read all of the information, and the ingredients list, and I think it might be the added acids and Vitamin C that is making this taste more like honey from a bear shaped container than the stuff that's straight from the hive.

Other than the slightly off honey-taste, my biggest complaint is that this water barely barely had any lemon. Admittedly my personal preference is to keep my honey and lemon beverages on the tart side, so some of you might feel differently about this than I do, but if you're saying this is honey water with lemon...I want to actually taste some lemon.

Admittedly I did not get to try this beverage hot, but I can't imagine it would taste any better than it did chilled.

While I understand the added health benefits of vitamin C infused drinks, natural honey and lemon also provide a lot of benefits as is. (Plus lemons have vitamin C naturally. Just add more lemon to boost the amount and then I'll be even happier with the taste.) I won't be buying this again as-is, but I would love to revisit this brand if the formula gets tweaked a bit.

If you're looking for something similar, I make honey and lemon water to keep hydrated in the summer. Check out my recipe and let me know what you think! (Recipe posted HERE.)
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