Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quickie Review: Papa John's Greek Pizza

Greek Pizza - Papa John's: NJ
Apparently I have been going against the food blogger grain. I was really disappointed in Papa John's last new Pizza, the Sweet Chili Chicken, but I loved the Double Cheeseburger one. (Please bring it back!) Apparently that is the total opposite view of my food blogger brethren.

I really don't see what was so special about that Sweet Chili Chicken pizza, I found it really underwhelming, but that didn't deter me from trying the new Greek themed pizza that was just released.

To be honest, I read the ingredients list for this pizza and it almost stopped me from buying it. If you look at the toppings, this is just a supreme pizza with a bit of feta cheese and basil-pesto sauce.

  • Black Olives
  • Banana Peppers
  • Pepperoni (Isn't that more Italian than Greek?)
  • Feta Cheese
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Basil-Pesto 
  • Classic Papa John's Tomato Sauce

That's it. While the toppings do look and sound yummy, they aren't special. Other than the feta, I think these are all permanent ingredients/toppings that are available year round. (Although I am not 100% about the pesto.)

I took a bite of my first slice, and it was good, but it tasted just like any other supreme pizza I have ordered in the past. The two flavors that made this taste a bit different from your standard Papa John's pizza, the feta and pesto, weren't dispersed evenly, so you feel like this is just a normal pizza..until you hit a pocket of pesto or feta. When that happens the pizza tastes a bit saltier (the feta) or herbaceous (the pesto) but it's not enough to warrant this being a limited edition or specialty pizza.

I ended up eating 3 slices of this pizza, which was yummy, but when it disappears from the menu I won't be shedding any tears. This was a standard supreme pizza with a few bits of feta sprinkled about. This is another pizza I could easily recreate at home, so I won't be buying this one again. I'd say this is another limited edition flavor worth skipping, but my fellow foodies might disagree.
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