Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baja Blast Mountain Dew - 7-Eleven

Baja Blast Mountain Dew - 7-Eleven
I am very very far from having a healthy diet (as you can tell from the contents of this blog), but I pride myself on my love of water. Whenever I'm not reviewing some crazy beverage for this blog, I am drinking tons of water. Most of the time I drink it chilled, and occasionally I'll add a lemon wedge or a cinnamon stick (which sounds weird but it is AMAZING), so these quirky beverages I review are a rare treat for me.

With that being said, Mountain Dew may be one of the most sugary sodas on the market. It's very brightly colored, artificially flavored, and it targets the gamer market. This company always comes out with new and interesting limited/exclusive flavors so, as a foodie, how can I not give it a try?

This bottle was a gift from my boyfriend. Admittedly he falls into the target market, since he loves video games, but he was introduced to this flavor at Taco Bell where it was exclusive for quite some time. Now that it's available in bottles, he picked it up so I could photograph and review it.

While the label's design is just as bold and obnoxious as any other Mountain Dew product, the color of this soda manages to distract me from it entirely. This liquid is both mesmerizing and horrifying. Look at it! As a stand alone color, this is gorgeous. I want it as paint, clothing, nail polish, and maybe even hair dye...but it's a beverage. Usually this color is reserved for poisonous items like cleaning products, and if you poured this into a misting bottle I bet it would pass for the real thing. With that being said, the color is far from natural, but it is really pretty to photograph.

Once the cap was removed I wanted to see what the soda smelled like, and this was just like taking lime freezer pops (those thin plastic tubes filled with frozen sugar water that cut the sides of your mouth. Or is that just me?) and adding them lemon-lime soda. This stuff smells sweet, carbonated, and it has a power artificial lime and citrus aroma.

After a few sips, this sugary nectar did not disappoint. For an avid water drinker like me, this was really sweet, but I liked it. The soda had a syrupy sweet citrus flavoring, which was artificial, but there was a nice zestiness that reminded me of actual limes. (Why is it blue when limes are green?)

For an avid water drinker like me, this is hummingbird nectar, but I really liked it. While I might not buy more of this to drink, I would love to see how this freezes and if it can be turned into an Icee or frozen dessert.
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