Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hot Habanero Pure Honey - Mill Creek Apiary: Medford Lakes, NJ

Hot Habanero Pure Honey - Mill Creek Apiary: Medford Lakes, NJ
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Remember that gorgeous honey comb post I made to kick off 2014? The same company makes flavored honeys, and since I love spicy food my boyfriend grabbed this bottle for me to review and cook with.

The label is very similar to the one from my honey comb post, but this time it's smaller and oval shaped to fit on the bottle. Although the labels are obviously printed using modern technology, the illustrations and glass bottle give it an old fashioned feeling. In most grocery and convenience stores the honey is actually honey flavored corn syrup and it's inside a plastic container (that's most likely bear-shaped). While the plastic containers allow you to squeeze the product out easily, there's just something about these glass bottles that makes the product seem more authentic. There may not be much to this packaging, but I like it that way.

When I opened the jar of honey it smelled just as delicious and sweet as I remembered, but this time there was a dry spicy aroma mixed in. The spiciness isn't overwhelming, as far as scents go, in fact this smells more sweet than spicy, but you can tell the pepper is present.

You can see that there is a dried pepper floating in the honey, but there are itty bitty flecks of spicy in the honey itself, so some of the dried pepper spices must have been mixed in as well.
 Admittedly I was a bit worried that this might be too spicy for me, and I was a little hesitant to taste the first spoonful, but I did anyway and I absolutely love it. The spiciness isn't very bold, the honey mellows it out quite a bit, but you still get this nice amount of heat on the back of your tongue from the peppers that slowly builds. Simply put, this tastes just like it says it will. This is a delicious raw honey mixed with a moderate amount of ground up habaneros, and it's really addicting.
This isn't so much a food item that you eat on it's own (although I occasionally eat a spoonful or two), it's more of an interesting ingredient for making drinks and sauces.

So far I have used this honey to make my own version of Jin+Ja, a spicy lemonade, and a sauce for chicken and veggies. (For those interested, I used this along with minced garlic and soy sauce. I bet it would have been even better if I had some lime juice on hand.)The spiciness level is somewhere on the medium scale of things, so if you absolutely cannot handle spiciness this won't be your cup of tea, but  absolutely love it. I look forward to using it in more recipes, and if you have the opportunity to try this deliciously spicy honey, I highly recommend it.
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