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Kasugai Watermelon Gummies- H-Mart: Cheery Hill, NJ

Kasugai Watermelon Gummies- H-Mart: Cheery Hill, NJ
Summer is finally here! What better way to celebrate than with watermelon gummies?

Kasugai are the best fruit-flavored gummies I've ever had. Over the years I've eaten every flavor I've come across, and written reviews on at least 8 of them, and I've never regretted a purchase. Sadly, all of my Kasugai gummy reviews are still on my Sometimes Foodie Tumblr account. (Except for this one.) I think a lot of you know this already, but I started Sometimes Foodie on Tumblr two years ago. Since making this blog last August, I've been importing and reformatting a lot of my older reviews, but there's still 200 left for me to transfer over. I'll get around to it one day, but for now all my older reviews can be found on my Tumblr.
This flavor may not be new, but it's very summery and I was really excited to find it in my local H-Mart. The markets around here tend to stock the normal melon variety, strawberry, apple, grape, and lychee, which are all delicious, but this is my first time ever trying the watermelon variety, and I am super excited.

The design for this line of gummy candies is always the same. The bags are covered in an all-over print that matches the fruity flavor, in this case watermelon, and rest of the bag features the brand's logo and some information about the fruit flavoring. I think the fruity photos on this bag are really appetizing, and the bold all-over print makes this product stand out on the shelves. I really like this packaging, and although the text might need some tweaking here and there, I think it's perfect.
Inside, the candies are individually wrapped, so you can easily share them with others, but it can be wasteful. The wrappers aren't recyclable in my area, so my only gripe about this brand would be the trash these delicious candies generate. Also, if I want to be nit-picky, why are these wrappers red? I would think the packaging should have been pink or green to match the fruit, but I know that the strawberry candies from this Kusagi have pink wrappers, and the melon and muscat use green, so maybe red was chosen to stand out from the rest of the fruity line? Even though the coloring might be off, the wrappers are still functional and the design was well thought out. Each wrapper has the calorie content for one single gummy written on it, which is really handy when you're handing these out to friends and family.

I opened my little wrapper and the gummy inside was a translucent peach-y pink color. It photographed more on the peachy side, but it looks a lot pinker in person. (Imagine really pale watermelon.) The gummy is shaped like a little disk and it smells sweet and fruity, but a little artificial.
The scent had me a little worried, but when I popped this little gummy into my mouth it had some really impressive watermelon flavoring. The flavoring was much more authentic than any other watermelon candy I have ever had, but it still doesn't replicate the real thing. This gummy had the same tangy flavor as other artificial watermelon flavored sweets, like Watermelon Jolly Rancher, but it wasn't as severe. The artificial tanginess is mellow, the chew is incredibly soft, and the flavor is really refreshing. This is one of the more authentic watermelon flavored candies I've ever reviewed, and I love it.

Being a gummy addict, I plan on buying more of these before this flavor disappears from the shelves. I highly suggest that you pick up a bag if you happen to see them in your area. Unless you're expecting this to taste exactly like fresh watermelon, you won't be disappointed.
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