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Want some Jelly Slugs? (Quickie Review)

Jelly Slugs- Gift (Quickie Review)
Another little gift from my boyfriend. This time it's a bag of little Jelly Slugs, just like the ones in Harry Potter!

I always enjoyed the Harry Potter movies, I have all of them in my movie collection and it was tradition for my sister and I to see them in theaters, but I didn't start reading the books until they were a part of one of my college courses. Now, I get to try some of the candies!

These candy slugs come in a little plastic pouch, similar to gummies and fruit snacks, and the color scheme is a wizardly purple with gold accents. Although it's just a plastic bag, the patterns and designs make it visually interesting. I wouldn't say this little baggie looks like it belongs in the Harry Potter universe, I'm sure their magical packaging would be a lot more detailed, but it works.

The candy slugs inside are all fruit flavored, but they thankfully strayed from the usual American fruit flavors of lemon, orange, green apple, strawberry and grape.

The slugs are banana (yes!), pear, sour cherry, tangerine, and watermelon.

Sadly, when I opened my package, there was only one banana slug. (Just my luck right?) This yellow slug smelled tangy and it tasted a bit bitter and unripe. To be honest he taste caught me off guard. I was expecting it to be artificial, but I never thought it would taste so tangy and tart. It was interesting, but I prefer my banana flavored items to resemble a ripened banana, so having only one of these in my package turned out to be a good thing after all.

The rest of the flavors tasted more like I would expect and I had multiples of them.

The Pear was a bright green color and it didn't really have any smell to it. I took a bite, and the flavoring was a lot like Jelly Belly's juicy pear flavored bean. You can tell that it is supposed to be pear flavored, but it is a bit unripe and tart. I love pears, and this was a refreshing change from the American go-to green fruit, apple, but the bitter unripe flavoring wasn't ideal. I rather have a ripe and juicy pear flavoring than a tangy and tart one.

Sour cherry was a bright red color, typical for cherry flavored candies, and again there was no distinct smell. The flavoring for this one actually made sense. It's tangy and artificial, of course I'd expect a sour cherry to taste tart and tangy! While this tastes more like a cherry lozenge than a real sour cherry, it was still enjoyable.
Next up,  tangerine. Again there was no smell, but this one had a really delicious and zesty citrus flavor. Out of all the fruity flavors, this one was my favorite. It was sweet, citrusy, and addicting. I wish I had a whole container of just tangerine flavored slugs!

Last, but not least, is watermelon.  The watermelon slugs were this emerald-like color and they smelled a bit like watermelon Trolli gummies. This one was the most artificially flavored of the five. It tastes nothing like actual watermelon, but it is still a refreshing change from green apple. (Can you tell I hate green apple yet?)
These may just be a novelty candy for Harry Potter fans, but these were still a lot better than other novelty candies I have had in the past. While tangerine may be the star of the show, the other flavors aren't terrible. (Just tart and artificial.) I'd say this candy is worth trying at least once, especially if you're a Harry Potter fan. Unless tangerine slugs are sold separately I won't be getting another package of these, but I am really happy I got to try all of them.
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