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Limited Edition Reese's Oreos - Walmart: Somerville, NJ

Limited Edition Reese's Oreos - Walmart: Somerville, NJ
Apparently yesterday (June 12th) was national peanut butter cookie day? There are so many food related days! As a food blogger I feel like I should have known, but I ended up finding the new Limited Edition Reese's Oreo's on my way home from work, so my peanut butter cookie post will just be a day late.

When these were first announced I was skeptical. I had assumed that this was just going to be Oreo's standard chocolate and peanut butter flavored cookie cremes combined and that the Reese's branding was just for show, but I was wrong.

Instead of discussing the package design, like I normally do, I've decided that until the packaging for these fancy new Oreos changes, I won't be dissecting them. These Oreo designs are the same thing over and over again with a different food item pictured on the front. The tear-top packages are the same as any other Oreo flavor, which is disappointing visually, but I get that it makes manufacturing the product easier. With that being said, until Oreo steps up their packaging game, I will consider their Limited Edition packages boring. (As if they actually care what a little food blogger from NJ has to say about it.)
On to the cookie!

I opened the package and I was instantly impressed by the aroma. These have a much stronger peanut butter scent than normal peanut butter Oreos, and they really do remind me of the filling from a real Reese's peanut butter cup. The standard Peanut Butter Oreos, which are yummy, have a creamy peanut-y aroma that is more on the sweet side, but this scent is a lot drier and saltier.

While these smell amazing, they look a little rough around the edges. The fillings seem softer than normal, so crumbs were sticking to them everywhere, and they almost looked like they were melting under my photo lights. In my group shot above you can see that they are really shiny from excess oils, but other cookies in my package rubbed against one another and there were traces of soft peanut butter filling everywhere. This doesn't take away from the eating experience in any way, I am just picky about my photos.

I pulled the cookie apart and sure enough there is a perfect split down the "creme" center. Since the cookie is a normal chocolate Oreo, I decided to try each of the fillings on their own to see if they really differ from the preexisting chocolate and peanut butter fillings that Oreo has released in the past. First up, chocolate.

The chocolate filling has a really authentic milk chocolate color, and it looks a bit more saturated in color when compared to the chocolate filling in older Oreo cookies. I took a little bite,and the texture was a lot less waxy and shortening-y than all of the Oreo fillings I have had in the past. The chocolate "creme" is very sweet, like canned milk chocolate frosting, but it does taste a lot like the chocolate that Reese's uses for their peanut butter cups. Color me impressed! While it does leave that familiar mouth-coating aftertaste and feeling as normal Oreo fillings, this one has a really bright chocolate flavor that I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would.

On to the PB!

I saved the peanut butter side for last, since it was the one I was most skeptical about. Will this be the same PB filling as the normal Oreo? Or will this be real Reese's filling?

It's actual Reese's PB filling. It looks creamy in the cookie, but when I took a little bit of the beige-y filling is had the same familiar crumble and saltiness as a real peanut butter cup. This is one of those rare product mash-ups that actually tastes like a true mash-up, and I am impressed by how well this was executed.

Sure it doesn't seem that hard to put Reese's filling in an Oreo, but it took them so many decades to actually do it, and it actually tastes good!

When eaten whole, the cookie doesn't overpower the creme fillings for once and the cookie's texture adds to the overall flavor experience.

I was really hesitant about this flavor being any good, since a lot of limited edition products are more novelty than anything else, but this is a really delicious and well executed cookie mash-up! Dare I say, I may like these cookies more than actual Reese's cups? (Gasp!)

If you're a peanut butter lover, this cookie is a must-try. I really went into this prepared for the worst, and ready top hate it, but I absolutely love it and these are fantastic with a glass of ice cold milk. Let me know if you find these in your area and if you give them a try.
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