Friday, June 27, 2014

Motto- Whole Foods: Marlton, NJ

Motto- Whole Foods: Marlton, NJ
Time for another green tea item, and this time it's carbonated! Looking back at my older reviews I haven't had much luck with beverages from Whole Foods, but I am hoping that this one will be different. Carbonated green tea? That has to be good, right?

During our last trip to Whole Foods my boyfriend spotted this item on the lowest shelf in the beverage aisle, the logo was pretty interesting, and he loves green tea, so into the cart it went. I actually walked right past this item, so I wouldn't say it stood out on the shelves, but once he pointed it out I really liked the logo and font choices. To me, the green bottle and medic-like logo remind me of an HP item from a video game.

The front of this bottle is a little deceiving, it may be simple and "business" in the front, but it's a "party" in the back. (Ha, get it? Sorry, mullet joke.)

The back label is packed with nutritional information, facts about the company and it's process, as well as a handy visual guide comparing 12 cups of fresh steeped green tea to one bottle of Motto. Although the back is quite busy, I really like the font choices and the layout. (Well I like all of the fonts except for that faux handwritten one towards the bottom.) All in all I would say that this is a pretty interesting design and concept, but I did end up walking right past it, so even though their placement on the grocery shelves was far from ideal, a product should still catch your eye.

Since I drank this with my boyfriend I didn't manage to get any photos of it in a glass or being poured, but there are tons of little tea leaves inside that settle to the bottom. The directions on the front of the bottle say to shake gently, but all we did was gently turn the bottle upside down a few times to get everything mixed together without losing any carbonation.

I took a sip, and I found this drink to be really refreshing and different. This stuff tastes like concentrated green tea mixed with seltzer water, a hint of lemon, and honey. It was sweet, without being overly sweet, and the carbonation was surprisingly refreshing. I imagine that this would make a great mix-in for summer cocktails, but it could also be served ice cold pool side.

Thankfully, this broke my recent Whole Foods beverage failure streak! I would definitely buy this again and I already plan on picking up more to use in cocktails and drinks for the 4th of July.
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