Thursday, June 26, 2014

Watermelon Cotton Candy- A.C. Moore: Voorhees, NJ

Watermelon Cotton Candy- A.C. Moore: Voorhees, NJ
Fun Stuff makes novelty cotton candies that are sold at grocery, convenience, and even craft stores. I've reviewed quite a few flavors from this brand already, which can be a bit hit or miss, but I'm always up for more.

As a photographer, this was a really frustrating photoshoot for me. I could not get this container to photograph properly! Looking back I wish I had pulled out my black backdrop, but I'm lazy it's a real hassle to set everything up in black and and adjust the lighting for just one food item. I'm not happy with the photos, but I decided to go ahead and post them anyway since I kind of have an impromptu green tea and watermelon theme going on this week. 

Like always, the cotton candy is inside a sturdy plastic tub, which I tend to clean out and use for craft supply storage, but it can also be recycled. (R-E-C-Y-C-L-E! Fun fact, that song was how I learned to spell the word as a kid and I sing it in my head every time I type it.)  The container is covered in red, green and navy blue ink, which just so happens to be the same colors as the Crunch bar I just reviewed, but the limited use of the navy blue creates a totally different feel. The design is quite generic, but I have seen much worse. Overall this container is eye catching and it functions well, especially for a novelty product.
I opened up my container and the scent was surprisingly weak. This has the typical sweet spun sugar smell, mixed with some kind of chemicals and artificial flavoring, but nothing about the scent alone identifies this product as being watermelon flavored. If I were blindfolded I think I could identify this as cotton candy, but I would never think that this were watermelon flavored.

After grabbing and eating a little tuft I am happy to report that it is more strongly flavored than it is scented, but it's really artificial, like watermelon Airheads or Trolli watermelon slices. When compared to delicious watermelon candies like the Kasugai gummies I just reviewed, this isn't up to my watermelon-y standards, but it was enjoyable.

If you like artificially flavored watermelon chewing gum, Trolli slices, and Airheads, you'll really enjoy this affordable cotton candy. As for me, it was too artificial and I wouldn't buy it again. (At least not this flavor.) I actually have a S'mores cotton candy from Fun Sweets to review next week, so be on the look out for more cotton candy reviews in the near future.
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