Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cheddar Flavored Orion Yegam Baked Potato Chips - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

Cheddar Flavored Orion Yegam Baked Potato Chips - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
Posts might be a bit sporadic next week, I'm trying to edit and queue up what I can but, if you follow my art blog or art tumblr, you know I've been really busy prepping for my artist alley table at Otakon. I'm trying to edit photos and get posts ready to go, but between my 9-5 job and con-prep, I'm stretched pretty thin. (I look like I was punched in both eyes. Four hours of sleep each week night is killing me.)

Anyhoo, it's 2AM on a work night. Let's eat some baked cheddar potato chips.

I've already reviewed the normal/regular baked chips, which are packaged the exact same way, so I'm just going to gloss over the design differences. The color scheme is very orange heavy, which relates to cheddar cheese, and the box features potato chips, cartoony wedges of cheese, and a little BBQ grill. It's cute, and the shape of the box is pretty interesting when compared to American snacks, but it isn't as well designed as Potato Wish. (I really loved that packaging. Functional AND easy on the eyes.) Design-wise, this is better than the Baked Seaweed Lays, but it's no where near perfect.

Inside, just like the original flavor, there is a bag keeping all the chips in a neat little stack that acts as one serving. The bag has the same design as before, but this time it has a red color scheme instead of green. To me, the red makes it feel cheaper somehow, like this is some kind of knock off product, but it functions well. 

Inside, the chips are thick cut, crispy, and surprisingly in one piece. This box fell off my counter quite a few times before I got around to photographing it (more like my cats kept knocking it over. Cats can be jerks.), but the chips seem to have survived these brutal attacks without being smashed to bits.

These don't seem to have any scent, but they do look cheesy. (Ha! I need sleep.) The chips have an artificial orange-tinge to them that is reminiscent of fake cheese flavoring, but they are no where near Cheeto or Dorito territory.

I took a bite, and the cheese seasoning was oddly sweet. Too sweet. The first thing I can taste is this sugary sweet artificial cheese flavor, which is almost like eating Cheez-Its that have been coated with a light dusting of sugar instead of salt. After the initial sugar shock is over, the baked potato flavoring kicks in with a hint of saltiness to try and salvage this crispy snack. The potato part of this chip is pretty satisfying, it has a lovely crisp texture, but it just doesn't overcome the candied cheese flavor.

Seriously, why are these so sweet? Is something wrong with this package? My tongue? Did my 4 hours of sleep burn out my brain? I'm starting to lose it, but it's safe to say I am not a fan of this flavor. Cheesy chips aren't my favorite to begin with, but sweet cheesy chips? No thank you.

Unless there is something wrong with the box (or me) I wouldn't recommend this flavor, but the original chips are worth looking into.

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