Friday, July 25, 2014

Lemonade Gummy Candy - Philadelphia's Chinatown, PA

Lemonade Gummy Candy - Philadelphia's Chinatown, PA
Although I've eaten and reviewed quite a few Kasugai gummies here on my blog, the flavor selection in my area is quite limited. I can always find a bag of strawberry, mango, lychee, or melon, but the seasonal and Japan-local flavors (like Yuzu) are hard to find. (At least in my area of New Jersey.) Practically everything is available on the internet these days, but I prefer buying my candy in person, so I've never had the chance to try some of the more exotic or seasonal flavors. That's all about to change, recently some of the summery Kasugai gummy flavors have made their way to my neck of the woods. First I found the watermelon, which were delicious, and now I've found this bag of lemonade flavored gummies!

As always, the gummies are kept inside a foiled plastic bag with an all over photo print that relates to the flavor. This time you can see a basket full of fresh lemons, sliced citrus, and a tall glass of lemonade with a cute striped straw. I love everything about this packaging, but I am an absolute sucker for good food imagery. Remove all the text, and this image could easily be a print! (I'd buy it.)

Large bags of Kasugai gummies are always individually wrapped, which is perfect for maintaining freshness or sharing, but it does make a lot of waste. With the recommended serving size being eight candies, that means eight wrappers end up in the trash. Maybe this form of plastic is recyclable in other areas, but in my area it just ends up in the garbage. I'm nit picking, but really it does make a lot of trash. (Which is a pity.) 

Unwrapped, the candy is soft and bouncy, just like the other Kasugai gummies I've reviewed, and it smells incredibly authentic. I can smell lemons, sugar, and a hint of zesty citrus rind. In fact, the aroma is so zesty, it is almost ginger-like, but that only happens when I get uncomfortably close while sniffing. (I may or may not have some of the sugary coating on my nose while I type this. Doitfortheblog.)

I took a bite, and it was deliciously soft and chewy, as always. Kasugai never lets me down! The flavoring doesn't taste as zesty as it smells, but it's really delicious and realistic. This really does taste like a strong glass of lemonade!

I'm not sure if this is a seasonal flavor for summer, it seems like it, but I could see this selling well year round. The citrus flavoring makes it really refreshing, but it's tart enough to prevent the candy from being overly sweet. These lemony little gummy discs are delicious and absolutely addicting. I would easily buy another bag, and I recomend them to all citrus lovers.
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  1. I have used Gummy bears and swedish fish too. They are my favorite candies so adding them to running makes it all that much sweeter. is the sidewalk my property