Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spotted on the Shelves Entries #17 (Wawa)

Spotted at Wawa 
Here are some items I saw at Wawa and submitted to the spotted on the shelves section of The Impulsive Buy.
Are these really new? I feel like they aren't, but the labels say other wise. 
Also, glazed chocolate pie? That doesn't sound too good...
© Maria Smith
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1 comment:

  1. They're only new in wearing a "Tastykake" wrapper. They were formerly offered by Hostess. Tastykake owns several former Hostess offerings since Hostess' demise. Unfortunately, putting these products in Tastykake wrappers, and then many stores having them displayed mixed in with "real" Tastykake products, further dilutes whatever significance Tastykake still has around Philadelphia. They've already lost their way with their traditional offerings - flavors aren't the same, pies break too easily, etc. This Hostess rebranding is clearly part of the risk of having a local brand become part of non-local business and large corporate ownership. I think Tasty Baking's parent company would do well to reconsider this Hostess-style product being mixed in with the other core Tastykake products.