Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Ice Pop Tic Tacs - Five Below: Philadelphia,PA

Summer Ice Pop Tic Tacs - Five Below: Philadelphia,PA
It's been such a long time since I've had Tic Tacs! I loved these candies as a kid and they were always inside my Easter basket or holiday stocking. Although they were marketed as a breath mint, I'd easily go through an entire package of peppermint candies in a day, which may not have been healthy, but somehow my love of Tic Tacs petered off when I became an adult.

In the last few years Tic Tac has been releasing fancy limited eidtion flavors, any I never really understood the appeal, until now. This festive little package was released this summer and it recreates on of my favorite summer time popsicles!

The packaging seems to have stayed the same for the last two decades, other than the red white and blue color scheme, this package is exactly like the one I remember. (Although I think it seems smaller, but that could be because I'm fully grown. Everything seems bigger when you're a kid.)

Just like a fire cracker/bomb pop, these candies come in three fruity flavors.

White/Lime: The citrus portion of a bomb pop was always my favorite, and I was really looking forward to this refreshing flavor being replicated into a candy, but it ended up being pretty awful. It may be tiny, but this little pellet packs a surprisingly powerful punch of flavoring. The lime flavoring is really chemical and it's heavy on the rind and oil side of citrus. I can tell this is meant to be some kind of lime, but it reminds me of lemon scented Pledge. Sadly this ended up being my least favorite of the bunch and I got more of these than any other flavor.

Blue/Blue Raspberry: I popped the blue candy into my mouth and the artificial flavoring was quite accurate. This has the same artificial "blue" flavoring as Icees and freezer popsicles, which was nice and nostalgic, but after a few seconds I noticed the texture got really slimy. I don't remember that happening to Tic Tacs when I was a kid, did they always feel really slimy when you sucked on them? (giggidy.) The slimey texturing wasn't off putting, but it did make me wonder if something might be wrong with these candies. (Maybe they are stale or something? )

Red/Cherry: Just like the blue flavoring, this was really nostalgic and accurate. This red cherry flavored candy tastes artificial, sweet, slightly tangy, and deliciously fake. You'd never be able to mistake this for fresh picked cherries, but it tastes just like the artificial cherry candies and sweets from my childhood. This flavor seemed to have a slimy mouth texture as well, but it wasn't nearly as slimey as the blue.

While I found the blue and red colors to be artificial in the fun nostalgic frozen sugar water kind of way, the white was just too bitter and chemically enhanced. It tasted more like a cleaning product than any lime flavored popsicle or candy I've ever had. Even though the lime is a dud, the cherry and blue raspberry flavors are a really nice pick me up during my work day. I pop one or two into my mouth while I'm at my desk and it's a sweet and satisfying candy treat that has some pretty accurate and nostalgic flavors. (Although a bit slimy in texture. Were Tic Tacs always this slimy?)

This is a cute novelty treat that I really enjoyed, if the lime candies get reworked or reformulated this might become my go-to purse candy, but until then this might be a one-time purchase. 
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