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Super Ginger - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

Super Ginger - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
Oh boy, I've kind of been avoiding these and reviewing other items, but it's finally time to try Super Ginger. About two years ago I bought a bag of Super Lemon from the same grocery store and I instantly fell in love with the brand's Pop Art packaging and lemon flavored candy. Since I liked it so much I was really excited when I saw a different flavor on the grocery store shelves. The packaging looked orange from a distance, so I assumed it was another citrus flavor, but it was ginger. Only recently have I started to warm up to intense ginger flavoring, and I am scared this might be too much for me. Growing up I always liked gingerbread and spiced cookies, but anything with actual grated ginger in it make me feel like I am eating Pine Sol. (Although I do like it in beverage form.)

Recently I've been warming up to grated ginger by using it in my cooking, but I am still far from loving this intensely flavored mandrake-looking root. Maybe this candy won't be so bad?

The packaging for this flavor has a similar Pop Art feel, but it doesn't give off the same Pop Art vibes. Instead of a brown paper bag background and texturing, this flavor feature a mostly white design with brassy metallic foil accents. I'm not loving it nearly as much as the original. I feel like the color choices for this bag are very dull and red-orange-heavy, which might be intentional to go along with the theme of ginger, but the bright colors don't stand out from the white as much as they did before. Maybe if the panel behind the gasping woman was a bright yellow it would pop a bit more, but this design just isn't doing it for me.

Inside the candies are individually wrapped, just like the lemon version, but this time the wrapper is a pumpkin-y orange color.

Then, inside of that, we have the little sphere if ginger candy. It has a powdery coating on the outside and it smells like a mixture of cleaning products and ginger ale. Okay, time to actually eat this thing... (I'm honestly not looking forward to this.)

My initial reaction was...not good. The powdery outside coating is pretty intense and it really does give you a spicy sensation on your tongue. I don't mind the spiciness, but the powdery ginger flavoring has that same cleaning product flavoring that makes me hate a lot of ginger heavy foods. Thankfully, once the powdery coating dissolved, the candy itself was really tasty. It's sweet and there is a decent amount of ginger flavoring, but the candy itself is more like a ginger ale than anything else. Once and a while I get a little spicy tingle, which I like, but overall the candy is sweet. There is a spiced/tingly sensation to this candy that is similar to red hots, but it isn't nearly as intense.

Once I get past that powerful powdery stage, this candy is really enjoyable. This kind of reminds me of Warheads. Once you get past the not so yummy outer coating, the inside is like a pleasant candy oasis, but this time it has a spicy kick to it.

If you like ginger, or Jin+Ja, you'll love this candy. I am a recovering ginger hater and I actually liked this stuff!
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