Sunday, September 21, 2014

Couque D'asses - H-Mart: Cherry Hill, NJ

Couque D'asses - H-Mart: Cherry Hill, NJ
I'm not gonna lie, I totally bought this because the box says "D'asses." I took French courses from 8th grade up until my sophomore year of college, and while I may be a bit rusty, I'm 99% sure these aren't real French words. (Unless they are some kind of slang. School's tend to teach textbook languages, not common language.) I'm guessing that this was an Asian company that was making their own version of a French cookie (cat's tongue cookies, or "langue de chat"), and they wanted a French-sounding name for their product.

Now, the French language here seems to be incorrect, but the name has Americans like me grabbing boxes off the shelves just to share D'asses cookies with our friends and family. Sure they are hilarious, but how do D'asses taste?

Other than the little flub with the brand's name, the rest of the packaging is simple, clean, and sophisticated. All of the images are appealing, and there is an informative break down of the cookie's components on one of the side panels. (Although it's so simple, I feel like the explanation is a bit insulting. It's just a cookie sandwiched with cream. Does anyone really need a diagram to explain that?) To be honest, the box's minimalistic design and layout didn't stand out on the shelves and, if not for the silly name, I would never have bought these cookies in the first place.

Inside the box there is a plastic tray that holds several individually wrapped cookies. The individual packages look very nice, and they all have the same beautiful red "D'asses" printed in large letters, so that makes sharing these cookies with others very clean and easy, but it does create a lot more waste. From what I understand other areas have better recycling plants and they can recycle different plastics, but in my area only the cardboard box and large plastic tray can be recycled, so all the individual wrappers just end up in a landfill. Still, having the name that made me buy this product in the first place printed on the individual wrapping was a nice touch, I didn't have to lug the entire box around to share a cookie and a laugh with my friends.

I opened the package, and the cookie was light and crispy, with a very thin, almost invisible, layer of white chocolate confectionery in the center. This cookie smells sweet and buttery, and if any of you remember this sewing kit cookie tin from your childhood, these cookies smell exactly like those!

I took a bite, and this was leaps and bounds better than those thick, dry, butter cookies I remember eating at my grandmother's house. These are light and airy, with a delicious buttery vanilla flavoring, and the touch of white chocolate adds just the right amount of sweetness. What's I'm trying to say is that, these D'asses taste really good! (pft.)
In all seriousness, the silly name of this product made me by my first box, but the taste makes me want to go back for more. This is a lightly sweet, flavorful, butter cookie, and it would be perfect with a mug of hot tea or coffee this fall. If you see these on the shelves, I'd say they are definitely worth trying, and I will be on the lookout for more flavors.
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