Friday, October 24, 2014

Oikos Bananas Foster Greek Yogurt - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ

Oikos Bananas Foster Greek Yogurt  - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ
I know that Greek Yogurt has been all the rage these last two years, but I'm still on the fence about it. Sure, I've enjoyed a few flavors that I've reviewed on this blog but, when given the choice between strawberry Greek yogurt and a normal strawberry yogurt, I'd go for the normal. Greek yogurt tends to be especially tangy, it has a thicker consistency, and (other than the Watermelon variety that came out this summer) I haven't found a flavor of Greek yogurt that I've enjoyed more than other types of yogurt. With that being said, banana yogurt is my hands down favorite flavor of yogurt, so I really wanted to see if this Banana's Foster version could win me over and convert me to the protein-filled Greek-side.

The packaging is typical for Oikos, it's a white plastic cup (which is recyclable) with a bold blue and white design. There's a splash of goldenrod and some images pertaining to the flavor scattered about, but other than that, this follows the same design as the other flavors in this line. It's consistent, and visually appealing, so I think it works well. (Although the design on the foil lid does look a bit obnoxious.)

Once I peeled the foil back, I was greeted with a super sweet caramel-like aroma. It didn't smell entirely like real caramel, more like a squeezable ice cream topping, but the scent was still appealing and a lot stronger than I had expected. So this smelled sweet and dessert-like, but it looked like a sloppy mess.

Look at this stuff! I feel like this is way too much caramel, isn't this still meant to be a healthy food option? The topping was thin and watery in some areas, while it was thick and more caramel-like in others. It kind of looked like a melted caramel sundae, which isn't bad when you think about it, but the liquid-y caramel did make this a bit difficult to photograph and eat cleanly. 
I scooped up a spoonful for a taste, and thankfully, this tasted a lot better than it looks. Although I found the banana flavoring to be pretty weak, even weaker than normal banana pudding and yogurts, this turned out to be a really decadent Greek-yogurt-based dessert. The caramel topping is the star of the show.  It tastes really sweet and rich, like caramel ice cream topping with a hint of butterscotch, which was really nice, but the banana flavoring could be a bit stronger. Maybe if I mixed some slices of actual banana in I would have liked it more, but this is still pretty good for a Greek yogurt.

This stuff is really sweet, so it might not be for everyone, but I did enjoy it quite a bit. I still think the Chobani Watermelon flavored yogurt was a lot better as far as Greek yogurts go, but I would buy this again.

If you're looking for something that tastes super sweet and decadent, but you still need a little boost in protein, try this dessert-y yogurt. It might not have converted me to the Greek-side, but I do want to buy it again and I look forward to trying it frozen with some slices of banana. (I bet this would taste like a rich ice cream sundae.)
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