Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pumpkin Cannoli Dip & Chips - Wawa: Collingswood, NJ

Pumpkin Cannoli Dip & Chips - Wawa: Collingswood, NJ
So this was an item I spotted at Wawa almost a month ago, and I originally wasn't going to review it, but my boss got this as a snack at work the other day, and she enjoyed it so much that I figured it was worth checking out.

There isn't much to this item, so let's get right into the review!

The packaging consists of a shallow plastic tray with two compartments, and a paper sleeve with the nutritional information. For a grab-and-go snack, the packaging functions really well, and Wawa actually die-cut the paper sleeve, which is impressive. Sure, this packaging isn't gorgeous, but it's unique shape makes it feel a lot nicer and more luxurious than similar convenience store foods.

I peeled back the plastic seal, and right away I see a problem. The cannoli chip to dip ratio is way off! In my package I had 4 complete chips and a few shard of chip shrapnel. Compare that to the ample amount of pumpkin dip on the right and, unless you're loading these chips up really heavily with the cheese mixture, you're going to have a decent amount left over. The chips are crispy and light, similar to a cannoli shell, and they are covered in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. To me, the sugar mixture seems very fine, more like the coating of Cinnamon Toast Crunch than an actual blend of granulated sugar and ground cinnamon, and on their own the chips were really enjoyable. (Although they had a slightly stale texture from being refrigerated.)

Now, the chips are just cinnamon-y cannoli shells, all of the pumpkin flavoring is meant to be in the cheese mixture, so I tried it on it's own to get the full pumpkin experience. Sadly, this tasted like a thick, sugary ricotta cheese with cinnamon chips and a hint of pumpkin spice. The pumpkin flavoring isn't very strong at all, it's more cinnamon-y than anything else, but it's enjoyable for what it is. The cinnamon chips amp up the spiced flavoring, but the cream is generically sweet and slightly cinnamon-y overall.

I wasn't expecting this to be stellar, after all it's a convenience store item and I am an Italian girl who has had her fair share of cannoli, but it was enjoyable for what it was. When I was done I had about 2 tablespoons (give or take) of filling left, so I ate it with some cinnamon and sugar pita chips I had in the pantry. (Which turned out to be really yummy.)
On a Pumpkin Scale of 1-5 (5 being the most pumpkin-y) I’d give this a 1. This is more-so cinnamon-y than anything else, and the sugary chips mixed with the icing-like dip is really sweet. I could taste little to no pumpkin in this at all, but it was an okay snack. I wouldn't buy it again, but i you really love cannoli in all flavors and forms, it could be worth looking into. (Although I know some Italians that would definitely turn their nose up at it.) 
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  1. Quite tasty. I used it to dip gingersnaps. Pumpkin and ginger - I love these holiday flavors.