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Torino Mint Chocolate Cookies - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ

Torino Mint Chocolate Cookies - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ
It's been so long since I've reviewed anything from my beloved Aldi! My last Aldi post were these Pumpkin Seed Tortillas back on December fourth. (Speaking of tortilla chips, those Garlic Hummus ones I reviewed this summer are back.) I recently went on a little grocery run, and while I was there, I grabbed a few of their fancy seasonal sweets. I was kind of surprised, Aldi had it's own seasonal items displayed on the end-cap of an aisle. Normally they aren't into displays, things are usually lined up on shelves, but I guess the Bottom Dollar buy-out worked out well enough for them to start making their stores look a little snazzier. (Don't go getting too fancy on me, I love you just the way you are, Aldi.)

Okay, enough babbling, let's eat some cookies!

These cookies are from the Specially Selected line, which is a bit fancier than Aldi's other products, and the package design is more mature and sophisticated. Is it the best design ever? No. You have to remember, these items are store-brand and no-frills, so for a store brand item to have a layout as sophisticated as this, is pretty special. I like the simple and clean design, and the color scheme is very cool-toned and pleasant. 

I opened up the package, and the cookies are lined up in stacks inside a plastic tray. Looking at the product itself and this packaging, I feel like this is Aldi's version of a chocolate peppermint Milano cookie. The cookies smell buttery and lightly sweetened, with a hint of chocolate and mint.

The aroma is really reminiscent of Andes mints, and the cookies look a lot like the Couque D'asses (Ha! That name, I still can't get over it.) that I reviewed a few months ago.

I took a bite, and the cookie was light and flaky, but not as flaky as the Couque D'asses. This is more similar to a Pepperidge Farm's Milano cookie, but still, it isn't quite the same, this is more like a combination of the light biscuits from Couque D'asses, mixed with those classic butter cookies that come in those metal tins. (The ones that everyone uses as a sewing kit.) As for the filling, it's very similar to the flavoring of Andes mints, just a bit more mellow. The chocolate is much more powerful than the mint, but all of the flavors and textures work very well together.

I really liked these cookies a lot, and these are by far the best cookies I've ever bought from Aldi. They are flaky, tasty, and they look pretty fancy for a store brand product. These might make a nice addition to your holiday cookie trays, and they go really well with hot cocoa and coffee. I would say this is definitely worth buying, and I would easily buy it again!
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