Saturday, January 24, 2015

Super Cola - H-Mart: Cherry Hill, NJ

Super Cola - H-Mart: Cherry Hill, NJ
First, I had Super Lemon, then I tried Super Ginger, and now? I have Super Cola!

What originally drew me to this hard candy line was the packaging. Super Lemon was the first flavor I ever purchased. It's comic-like art was reminiscent of the 50's Pop Art movement and, since I actually studied to be an art teacher in college, I absolutely loved it! Sadly, with each flavor, Nobel strays further and further away from that Pop Art inspired design. Just look at this package! While it still has that playful comic book look, the colors are all over the place!  We have all three primary, pinks, browns, and a solid gradient with no halftone.What is going on here? It's still fun and playful, and looking at it reminds me of the 1990's, but it doesn't have the same appeal as the packaging for Super Lemon.With that being said, this design is bold and I like the graphic quality of it, but I still prefer the design from the Super Lemon packaging.

Inside, the color scheme for the wrappers has shifted to a simple combination of red, white, and black. (Those three are the classic colors of graphic design.) Other than the color change, the design individual packaging is exactly the same as the last two flavors I reviewed in this line.

All of the sweets in this "Super" line are spherical hard candies coated in some kind of powder. (Usually sour, although the Ginger one was spicy.) I popped the hard candy into my mouth, and this time, it's definitely sour. The outer coating is an ultra fine sour powder, with a slight cola flavor, and it's pretty intense, but it only lasts for a few seconds. The sour powder isn't as powerful as the one on a Warhead, but it's close. After the sourness melts away, you're left with a delicious cola-flavored hard candy. The flavoring isn't like authentic cola, it's more like the cola flavoring you would find in Haribo's cola gummies, but it's really enjoyable. It's sweet, syrupy, slightly caramelized, and it has that flat-soda flavoring that all cola flavored sweets seem to have.

Eventually, as you suck on the hard candy, it wears away to reveal a fizzy center, which adds to the overall cola experience. Although this flavor wasn't as refreshing as the ginger or lemon, it was really enjoyable. If any of you love cola flavored candies or gummies, you ought to give this a try. My sister who loves cola flavored sweets absolutely loved these.

So far, I've liked every single one of these candies from Nobel, although Super Ginger is definitely my favorite, but there are still even more flavors for me to try! There's Super Soda, Super Energy, and Super Umeboshi (Plum) for me to get my hands on, and although I am NOT looking forward to super soda (I hate Ramune), the other two sound really neat! Once I get through more of my foodie stash I'll have to give those a try.
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