Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Limited Edition Yoplait Coconut Caramel Yogurt - Walmart: Berlin,NJ

Limited Edition Yoplait Coconut Caramel Yogurt - Walmart: Berlin,NJ
Another fancy limited edition yogurt review? Don't worry, I'm not going to start pimping yogurt like Jamie Lee Curtis (or Shakira?), I bought this because this flavor combination sounded suspiciously like the Samoa/Caramel deLites cookie sold by the Girl Scouts.

I'm kind of a cookie snob, and I usually prefer homemade, but whatever name they go by, those caramel and coconut cookies sold outside of grocery stores are really delicious and they are the only flavor I will buy once cookie season starts up. With that being said, I saw this yogurt, thought of the cookie, and wanted to see if this could be a healthy way to satisfy a cookie craving.

The Yoplait container is the same as always, and there's really nothing for me to talk about as far as packaging goes. I really need to review something with new and interesting packaging, skipping this section of the review all the time is starting to bum me out! Okay, maybe next time, for now, let's peel back that lid and see what I'm getting myself into.

I peeled back the foil lid and the yogurt was white. Not tan, beige, or even an off-white. That seems so wrong to me. Where's the caramel? Why isn't this even a slightly beige or tan color? Does that mean all the caramel flavoring is artificial? Like those clear fake sugar syrups people add to coffee? It may not look like much at all, but when I tried smelling it, this plain looking mixture smelled a lot like the Girl Scout cookie! What kind of witch craft is this? It's lacking the chocolate notes, but I can smell caramel and toasted coconut. It's really bizarre. This looks like plain yogurt, but it honestly does smell like a cookie or baked good. The looks might have made me a little weary, but the scent brought back all my excitement for this flavor.

I took a bite, and it sadly doesn't taste as cookie-like as it smells. The yogurt is quite tangy, with bits of actual coconut mixed in, and it has a slight caramel flavoring, but it's pretty artificial. I like the addition of actual shredded coconut, although it does get stuck in your teeth as you eat, but it's that tangy flavoring that's throwing me off.

This yogurt wasn't bad, I really liked the flavor combination concept, but the tanginess of whatever flavoring they chose to use really didn't appeal to me. It isn't tart like plain yogurt, it's more artificial, like those coffee syrups I mentioned earlier, and after a few bites that fake caramel flavoring started to build up and I found myself not wanting to eat anymore. (I did anyway, cause I hate wasting food and money.) They had to be trying to recreate the Girl Scout cookie, right? I mean, why else combine caramel and coconut? It seems like an odd flavor to release in the winter, unless they were purposefully trying to recreate the cookie. If that's what they were going for, they got a little heavy handed with the caramel flavoring, and this most likely won't satisfy your cookie cravings, but I like the concept and would love for this to be reformulated.

Unless you really like those caramel coffee syrups, I'd steer clear of this one.
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