Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Maple Collon - H-Mart: Cherry Hill, NJ

Maple Collon - H-Mart: Cherry Hill, NJ
Remember when I reviewed D'asses? That box was right next to these on the shelf at H-Mart. Collon and D'asses? A match made in heaven! Being the totally mature adult I am, I took photos of the boxes together to send to all my friends and giggled like an idiot before tossing them both into my handcart. I'm nearly 30, and potty humor still makes me laugh. (Not sure if I should be ashamed or proud of that.) Come on, how could I not buy D'asses and Collon?

The box for these snacks is shaped like this package of Almond Crush Pocky, but it opens similarly to Kinoko no Yama. There's really nothing new about the form or function for me to discuss, it's a box, but the design is pretty nice. Spatially the images and text make great use of the vertical display, almost acting like a pyramid. Your eye starts at the bottom and follows the stacks of sweets to get to the logo and flavor information at the top. Other than the bold red-violet logo at the top of the box, the rest of the colors are very warm and yellow-toned, which makes me think of warm waffles with maple syrup on a cold winter morning. (Then again it's currently cold, snowy, and winter-y in Jersey.) It might not be rocket science, or the best design ever, but I think Collon does a great job with it's layout and color choices, and for a product that's name evoke images of butts and intestines, being appealing is a pretty impressive feat.

Inside the box are several individually portioned packets. There seems to be some kind of instructions on the inside flap, and I tried doing what they illustrated, but I'm not sure what it's meant to do. Popping the sides open flattened the box for recycling, is that what it's meant to do? Maybe I did something wrong. I don't really see a point to these instructions, can any of you explain it to me?

The packets aren't as visually appealing and well designed as the box, they're reddish-brown color with a navy blue logo,and I don't understand the sudden color scheme change. Why not stick to the red-orange and purple? That was working.

I peeled the little packet open and inside were little wafer logs filled with creme. The wafer-y outside was very thin and delicate, but it had a beautiful diamond patter. Look how gorgeous they are! Like I said, they were very delicate, and there was quite a bit of wafer flakes and pieces broken up inside the little baggy, but there were still enough fully-intact Collons for me to make a little pyramid, which made my pyramid-food stacking obsession very happy. (I am sure some of you have noticed, but if I can, I always stack the food items into a little pyramid. It's a compulsion.)

Inside each little wafer roll you can see a tan-ish colored creme, and the whole thing smells like waffle cones and maple syrup. I tried to bite it in half, but the wafer was so thin and the filling so soft that it crumbled apart into quite a mess, so no bite-through shots today.

Also, I just ate Collon. (Pft.) Okay, serious food review time. The wafer is very thin and crispy, and it doesn't have much flavor to it. It's very mild and vanilla-y, similar to other wafer cookies and waffle cones, only much thinner. As for the filling, it's very very soft and fluffy, almost like a whipped frosting, and it has a delicious maple flavoring that makes crave bacon. The maple flavoring isn't overly sweet, or intense, but it's bold enough that you'd easily be able to identify it. To me, these taste like a little snack-sized breakfast, and I love it!

Who knew Collons would taste so good? (Okay time to stop saying Collon.) Sure, they have a silly name to me here in America, and I am sure I'm not the only one who has giggled at it, but these were really yummy and very enjoyable. I know these come in other flavors, and I plan on keeping an eye out for them next time I'm out shopping. If they're anything like this, I'm sure I'll be in for a treat.
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