Friday, February 27, 2015

Random stuff I never wrote full reviews for!

Stuff that never got to be reviewed!
I tend to photograph a lot of the foods I eat, but not all of them make it onto the blog. I have quite a pile of photos built up, so I thought I'd do a post giving really quick reviews for them. (Since I already took the photos.)

First up, Ghoul-Aid!

This awesome pouch of Ghoul-Aid was a gift from one of my friends who loves horror movies and Halloween. Sadly I didn't get the chance to give this item a full review during the Halloween season, so it just kind of fell by the wayside. Blackberry isn't a flavor you often seen in kid's drinks, they usually stick to cherry, orange, grape, and other more "typical" flavors, but this stuff was pretty good. It's sweet, and artificial, but you can tell it was aiming for a deeper berry flavoring. I liked this quite a bit, and drinking out of a pouch is still fun when you're in your late 20's. (Don't judge me.)

Next up, one of my go-to lazy dinners, Cafe Steamers!

I've reviewed a few of these in the past, and I like them quite a bit, but a lot of the flavors can be hit or miss. This one I'm still kind of on the fence about. The sauce and veggies were great, but steamed chicken from a microwave is just not good. It has a soft spongy texture, and then the little dumpling wads that were mixed in were super starchy and glue-like. I really liked the sauce, which was just like the filling of a classic chicken pot pie, only a bit lighter, but the chicken and dumplings need a bit of tweaking. I'd still buy this again for a quick dinner after a long day, but I'd never pick this over a real homemade chicken pot pie.

Lastly, I grabbed a bunch of these mini scones from Aldi.

There was a blueberry version I bought and ate as well, but it never made it's way into my photo-booth. These scones were small, which was very misleading. You'd think that the mini size would mean less calories, but holy smokes these little things were nearly 200 calories per mini-scone. (Some flavors were more but 200 is about the average.) I know I don't have any photos of the scones themselves, but they were three, maybe 4, bites max. All three flavors were delicious, but the lemon were my ultimate favorite. They reminded me of the lemon poppy bundt cake that they used to sell at Panera. Each flavor was really enjoyable, and the finished scones looked great on a plate at the dessert table. Just watch out, they are deceptively bad for you. Being tinier did not make them a healthier choice. (Well maybe if you ate only one...but who does that?)
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