Sunday, March 8, 2015

Black Forest Triple Layer Fruit & Vegetable Juice Gummies -BJ's: Marlton, NJ

Black Forest Triple Layer Fruit & Vegetable Juice Gummies  -BJ's: Marlton, NJ
What a busy weekend! Yesterday was the 2nd ever Camden Comic Con, which was a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work. I had my own table at the event where I sold my art and jewelry creations, so after several hours of selling on the convention floor and dancing along with the music, I was dead tired. When everything was over I packed up my stuff, came home, and treated myself to a nice long nap. When I woke up to update Sometimes Foodie... my internet was down. Just my luck, right? After a few hours dealing with tech support in both their chat forum and on the phone, my internet was up and running again around 4AM. At least it's back up and running now, so I'm going to queue up some posts in case it happens again.

For today's post I have a little something I bought at BJ's, and unlike most of my reviews where I try it for the first time as I write, this time I've been eating a pack of these gummies 5 days a week for nearly a month. Let's get started!

The packaging for the bulk product is just like you'd expect. It's a big cardboard box filled with individual packets of fruit flavored gummies.The layout and design are very straight forward, but colorful. All of the necessary information is there, there are some lovely fruit illustrations, and some images of the gummies themselves. I like the color choices, and the blue sky background was an interesting choice, but this is a fairly standard layout and design for natural-fruit based gummy snacks. There's nothing really new or innovative as far as the packaging goes, but I do like that each individual baggie includes the full set of ingredients and nutritional information.

Each pouch of these sweets includes three different fruity flavor combinations, although every single one includes strawberry, and they vary slightly in color. 

Although they barely look anything like the illustrations on the box, I was able to figure out which flavor was which.

Watermelon orange strawberry.

As you can see, the colorful layers barely show up in this flavor at all. When you hold it up to a light source you can see maybe two slightly different colored layers, but overall the entire gummy is a soft peachy-pink color. This flavor smells generically sweet, like most fruit snacks, and it tastes like a sweetened fruits orange juice blend of some kind. The first flavor I can detect is a citrus, most likely the orange, although it doesn't feel very orange-y until the end, and there's a bit if sweetness that's reminiscent of watermelon in the after taste. I can't taste much of the strawberry at all, but it might be getting lost in the watermelon.

Cherry lemon strawberry.
The layers are a bit more obvious with this one, and it has a slightly more berry-like aroma. As far as flavors go, I kind of get the classic cherry gummy flavoring, mixed with a hint of lemonade, but strawberry is a bit lost in the general flavoring again. Since I could see the layers in this one I tried nibbling on each one separately, and I couldn't detect much difference in the flavor and color changes. It's sweet, with a slightly deeper berry flavor than the watermelon version, but it's not really all that different until you get the after taste. This one has a cherry like aftertaste, but while you're eating the gummy, it doesn't taste all that different.

Grape lemon strawberry.
This flavor has the most obvious flavor/color layers of the three, but the flavoring is nearly identical to the cherry version. The addition of grape mellows out the lemon, making this less tangy, but the flavors are very similar. (Which is to be expected, the flavors are nearly identical combinations.)

To be honest, without looking at this little flavor chart, which is on the side of the box and the back of every package, I can barely tell the difference between any of these tiered gummies. Out of the three, the watermelon version has the most distinct flavoring, but the other two are nearly identical.

They might not taste drastically different, but they're enjoyable, and they pack a powerful punch of Vitamin C. These would be a great lunchtime treat during cold and flu season, and even though I am nearly 28 years old, I totally pack them into my weekday work lunches. So far I've been relatively healthy this winter, is it thanks to these gummies? Maybe, but no matter the health benefits, they're yummy and that's what matters most!
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  1. These things are sooooo good! I am way older than you and pack them in my lunch as well! 12g of sugar and only 70 calories is pretty good for a small bag of joy. Yummy!