Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Random Stuff I Never Wrote Full Reviews For - Part 2

Stuff that never got to be reviewed - Part 2
I tend to photograph a lot of the foods I eat, but not all of them make it onto the blog. I have quite a pile of photos built up, so I thought I'd do a post giving really quick reviews for them. (Since I already took the photos.) I already posted three items here, and today I have three more!

First up, S'more flavored Cotton Candy!

This was an impulse buy item that was in the checkout area at Michael's. (Which is a chain of Arts and Craft Stores.) I have reviewed a few different flavors of novelty cotton candy from Fun Sweets in the past, so I thought it'd be neat to check out this flavor as well. Unlike the other flavors I had reviewed, this container was twice as big. I think it's clunky awkward size and the fact that it didn't photograph well is why this one never made it to the blog, but it was pretty tasty. The cotton candy inside tasted like the freeze dried marshmallow bits you find in breakfast cereal, and there was a faint hint of chocolate. I couldn't detect any real hint of graham cracker or cinnamon, but this could easily pass as a hot cocoa cotton candy. It was enjoyable, and I liked using it as a garnish for chocolate-based cocktails, but it's not a flavor I'd likely buy again.

Next up is a chocolate bar I mentioned in one of our Candyology101 Podcasts. 

A friend gave me this candybar ages ago after they got home from a trip, and it was really pretty to look at and photograph, but I never got around to reviewing it. It was a strawberry amaretti white chocolate bar made by Sucré, and while it was super pretty to look at, it was way too sweet for my tastes. The white chocolate was sweet, fatty, and enjoyable, but mixed with even sweeter cookie bits, caramelized cocoa nibs, and dried was too much! The strawberries added a faint tartness, but they were very easily overpowered by the sweetness of everything else. I nibbled away at this thing for nearly a full month, it was just too sweet for me to eat any quicker. If you really like sweet things and white chocolate, this is the perfect bar for you. I prefer really dark bitter chocolate, so this one just wasn't for me. (It did have pretty packaging though and it was gorgeous to photograph.)

The last item was from a few moths ago. 

Gingerbread Peeps! Now this was a product I really loved, and that's why it never made it to the review. Because I ate them all before writing anything up. (Whoopsie.) These Peeps had a wonderfully spiced flavoring that was light, but easily recognizable, and it worked really nicely with the fluffy marshmallow and sanding sugar coating. I love gingerbread, even though I am still learning to love actual ginger, so these were amazing! I think they are my favorite seasonal Peep so far, and I will definitely be buying more next season. 
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