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Choceur Flame Egg - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ

Choceur Flame Egg - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ
I still have a few Easter-y goodies to review, so I am going to try to knock these out as quickly as I can before the holiday and then I'll start digging into the items from my Asian Food Haul video. There's a LOT of photos for this one, so let's get started.

Is it just me, or does this name seem a bit odd for this product? Are Flame Eggs a thing? Is that some kind of traditional Easter item that has eluded me all these years?

I'm guessing this is called a "flame" egg because the gold wrapping forms a flame-like shape at the top. If that's not the case, I'm really lost. Anyway, other than the confusing name choice, everything else about this egg's appearance and design just screams Easter. We've got gorgeous golden foil, pastel colors, and the obvious overall egg-shape. Normally I hate seasonal packaging because they can be obnoxious and the illustrations are usually very cheap looking, but this features soft colors and a subtle bunny hidden in the logo. For an Aldi-branded product under $5, this looks really nice! I think this would make a lovely gift just on it's looks alone, but let's see how the chocolate inside actually tastes.

So inside the cardboard and golden plastic is a large chocolate egg wrapped in foil. I originally thought you'd have the smash the egg to get to the candies inside, but the egg is actually two separate chocolate shells ,individually wrapped with foil, and taped together to form the 3D egg-shape. The child in me was looking forward to smashing an egg, so that was a little disappointing, but I am sure more sophisticated adults out there would appreciate the thought and functionality put into this packaging. (Smashing stuff is always fun though.)
I peeled the stickers off and inside the truffle-like chocolates were kept safe and sound inside their own little plastic bag. When I saw this packaging in the store I figured you'd only get one, maybe two, of each chocolate, but you actually get three of each, which is a pretty good amount of candy for $5. I'm pretty impressed with this little gift item so far, but I haven't tasted any of it. Maybe that'll change.

First I had to try the chocolate egg portion, which had a nice snap to it, but it tasted sweet, milky, and a little malty. It's pretty much the same chocolate this Choceur line uses for all it's products. It's not bad at all, but it's a bit maltier than other American milk chocolate sweets. I like it, but it's not the best chocolate I've ever had, and children who aren't fold of Sixlets and other malty chocolates might not like the egg.

As for the individual truffles...

They're pretty darn cute! Just look at them! I love how the two on the left look, they're kind of like perfect little chocolate buttons. I'll start with them first.

The chocolate button with a white cap is chocolate shell with a milk-cream filling and chopped hazelnuts. It wasn't my favorite, but it was still enjoyable. White chocolate based confections are always really sweet, and this was no exception. This reminded me of the white filling inside a Kinder Bueno bar. You have a creamy milk base, a hint of malty chocolate, and a tiny bit of chopped hazelnuts. It was good, but way too sweet for me.

Next up, the chocolate topped version. This one is very similar to the previous chocolate, it just has a cocoa based filling instead of milk. Although this one was still very sweet, the slightly darker cocoa filling was able to cut through it a bit, and I liked this one a lot more. The flavoring was very similar, just more chocolatey.

This next one has a unique shape and flavoring. This time was have a little oval with a rippled decoration on top and a orange cream filling inside. Chocolate oranges seem to be a lot more popular in Europe than they are here in the states, but this flavor combination is pretty good. The cream has a soft but fluffy marshmallow-like texturing that dissolves leaving a sweet and zesty orange flavoring that mixes nicely with the chocolate coating. This tastes a LOT like those Orange Joyva sticks I tried in Candyology101's Pick-a-Mix show. I liked these a lot and they were my favorite of the bunch. Sweet, refreshing, and zesty. I love it!

Lastly there's this not-so attractive turtle-like candy. This one is a crisped rice, caramel and chocolate concoction, so it might not look all that pretty, but it tasted like a 100 Grand bar. (Just a bit maltier due to the chocolate used.) 

These might not be the best chocolates you've ever had in your life, but there's not one candy in this mix I would refuse to eat. They're all pretty yummy and for the price you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. This would look gorgeous in any Easter basket, and I might buy another one on my way home to put out on the dessert table this Sunday.

Cybele from Candyblog actually reviewed this egg back in 2011, when it had some different candy fillings, and she gave it a pretty high rating. I'd say this item is definitely worth buying and it would make a great gift for children as well as candy-loving adults. (Although the Hazelnuts do pose a problem to those with nut allergies. So if they are allergic to nuts, better stay away from this one.)
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