Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Candyology101 Episode 14: Panned Candies & New Products for 2015

Jelly beans, jawbreakers, and malt-balls, oh my!

For the first part of today's show Cybele and I focus on all kinds of candy coated goodies. We discuss everything from Airheads Bites, to Sugar Babies. Which ones we love, which we hate, and what makes panned candy so appealing. Afterwards, we have a SUPER EXTENDED Trick or Treat featuring a ton of new products. Be sure to check out the Candyology101 Website to see photos of all the new products mentioned. (I kind of geek out over the packaging, so this way you can look at it and geek out with me.) Leave a comment below letting me know which of these items you want to try!
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(Click the Candyology link to see all the different items we talk about in this podcast and find out where you can buy it!)
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