Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Live G Free Jalapeño Jack Ancient Grain Crackers - Aldi - Cherry Hill, NJ

Live G Free Jalapeño Jack Ancient Grain Crackers - Aldi - Cherry Hill, NJ
Time to try more gluten free goodies! Aldi's Live G Free line has expanded to include all kinds of products, and while that's great, almost all of the flavor options are limited to sweet, savory or mild. There are lots of gluten free cookies, crackers, pretzels, pizzas, and all kinds of sweet and savory food items, but what about those who enjoy spicy snacks? I saw these in the aisle and gluten free or not, the flavoring appealed to me. Since I personally don't have a gluten allergy (although I have family members who do), I would have bought these snacks regardless of their gluten-less-ness, since the flavoring is really appealing. I mean jalapeños and cheese? Sign me up! 

We have the same sky blue backdrop and layout as before, which is light and refreshing. The design may not be perfect, but for a store-branded item at this price-point, I think it's pretty darn nice. Since the layout is consistent for all G-free items, there's not much for me to critique. I like the color choices, and that the bag is resealable,so I'd say this is pretty successful as far as design and packaging is concerned.

The bag opens easy, and the crisps inside smell peppery and pungent. (As in jalapeño pepper, not peppercorn.)

I'm actually surprised by the aroma. I expected it to smell cheesy and spicy, and it does, but this actually smells like the vegetable! It's difficult for me to describe without sounding crazy, but if you've ever cut up actual peppers for your meal, they have this refreshing but spicy water-y aroma, and these crackers have that! There's a mild hint of cheese mixed in there as well, but the fresh pepper vegetable scent is stronger and a lot more interesting. I know that these are called "ancient grain crackers," but they look like thin little tortilla chips. They're irregularly shaped and coated in a fine cheesy powdering that must be the source of the pepper aroma. I can't imagine the pepper and being in the cracker itself, but I could be wrong.

I took a bite, and this might be my favorite gluten free product yet! The texture is thin and crunchy, almost like a mash up between a tortilla chip and a Wheat Thin. It's crunchy and perfectly addictive, but it also has that grain-y health food kind of texture that makes me feel like I'm eating something healthy. (Although I'm not. This is just gluten free, it's still a junkfood item.) As for the flavoring, the cheesiness is mild and creamy but the star of the show is the jalapeño pepper. These have a surprisingly authentic pepper flavoring to them, and they aren't overly spicy. I'd say these are about the same as a jalapeno popper. The more you eat the spicier it gets, but it's never enough heat to make you reach for a glass of milk. There's just enough spice to keep things interesting and make you keep coming back for more.

This is my favorite gluten-free product so far! If you like jalapeño poppers and mild-to-medium spiced snackfoods, these are a must-try regardless of gluten tolerance.
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