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Berry Airheads Bites - Five Below - Marlton, NJ

Berry Airheads Bites - Five Below - Marlton, NJ
The original Airheads bites are something I've been meaning to review for quite some time now. I've purchased at least 5 packages in the last two years hoping to take them home, photograph them, and write up an official blog post, but they never make it. I start out with the best intentions, but I love Airheads! (I'm candy-addicted and weak.) I always end up eating them in the car on the way home.

I'm not sure how truly "new" this berry version is, but I saw it at Five Below during my expansive search for the Minion Tic-Tacs, and couldn't resist giving them a try. Thankfully, they made it home in one piece.

Packaging for this item is very simple. It's form and function is similar to Skittles or m&m's, but instead of being made of dull paper-like plastic, this is a metallic foiled plastic that's significantly thicker than other bagged candies. The purple background is colorful and eye catching, and since the color-scheme is very similar to Wild Berry Skittles, you know that this is a berry-mix without ever having to read a word on the wrapper. In the American candy market, purple is almost always used for fruity berry-themed mixes.

As far as it's design, the logo and layout is similar to Airheads bars and the original version of the Airheads Bites. Even if it's a bit boring for me to photograph, I think they did a good job packaging this product.

Inside we have 5 different berry-themed flavors. Even though the colors in this mix are very similar to the Jurassic World Mike & Ikes I just raved about (visually), for some reason I don't like this line up as much. I think it's the purple. This specific shade of purple seems so dull compared to the vibrancy of the other flavors. Okay, time to give in to temptation and give these a try!

Cherry Berry
(Red) - It tastes just like a cherry Icee! It's similar to the original cherry, but it is more sweet and less tangy. I really like this one, even if it's very artificial.

(Purple) - This one starts out great, the initial flavoring is like blackberry Smucker's jam, but it turns into a perfume-y artificial mess the longer you chew it. I love that they tried to make a blackberry candy, since it's a flavor I enjoy and rarely see in candies, but this just doesn't work. I gave one to my sister and she said she felt like she was eating a candle. So I guess I'm not alone.

Grape Berry
(Green) - Again, this started out similar to the typical purple grape airhead, and then the flavor changed to...I don't even know what this is. It's bitter, a little tangy, and it's similar to the blackberry. This brought back memories of Dimetapp and being sick as a kid. After two of these, I didn't want to eat anymore of them, and it's safe to say I hated them. (Oddly enough, my sister liked it, and said these were her favorite.)

Blue Raspberry
(Blue) - This tastes sweeter than the normal blue raspberry Airhead bars, and I feel like the raspberry flavoring in this one is more authentic than normal. It's still artificial, but it's less artificial than normal. It's similar to blue freeze pops, Icees, Slurpees and other blue candies.

Banana Berry
- Do you like banana Runts? If so, this is the candy for you. It's soft and chewy, but this flavor tastes just like strawberry and banana Runts combined. Unlike the other flavors in this mix, this one has a slightly creamy mouth-feel. (Must be the banana.)

This isn't a bad mix, but these flavors just aren't as good as the original version. For me, this is similar to Tropical Skittles. It's okay once and a while, but most of the time you're only eating it before the original mix is sold out. If any of you are fans of Wildberry Skittles, I bet you'll love this mix, otherwise I'd recommend sticking to the original.

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