Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rose Effervé (Sparkling Pink Lemonade) - Aldi - Cherry Hill, NJ

Rose Effervé (Sparkling Pink Lemonade) - Aldi - Cherry Hill, NJ
Back to back Aldi reviews! I normally like to scatter my reviews so that I don't review items from the same location several times in a row, but I was thirsty, and I really wanted to drink this lemonade. Forget planning and blog procedure, let's have a drink!

Packaging time. As you can see, we have a beautiful glass bottle with a reusable plastic-stopper, and embossing. The bottle is the reason why I bought this fizzy lemonade in the first place. I didn't get any photos of this, but the embossed areas are written in French, and there's even a embossed image of a lemon peel! Such lovely details! I had to have it. Sadly, all of these beautiful traits are eclipsed by how ugly these paper labels are. Why Aldi? Why? I could write paragraphs tearing this label apart design-wise, but the main issues are that there is way too much going on, and that the label design seems totally out of place with the rustic feel of the bottle.Instead of talking off of your ears off, I'll just leave it at that. They really should have gone with something more simple, and somewhat vintage looking. Like a faux letter press-looking font and etched imagery on natural looking paper. Oh well, no use crying over unfortunate designs. At least the bottle is still really pretty.

As lovely as the bottle is, once I popped the cork the smell was pretty generic. I can't detect any hint of strawberry, or any fruit other than lemon, but looking at the ingredients, it doesn't look like there are any other fruits mixed into this stuff. Pink lemonades tend to be berry-infused, but it looks like this gets it's coloring from purple carrot juice, so it seems like this is literally a pink colored lemonade. The smells is pleasant enough, but it's nothing all that special.

I poured some of the translucent pink liquid into a glass for a better look, and it was really lovely and almost opal-looking in my glass, but it was a HUGE pain in the butt to photograph! It's so pale that it was really difficult for it to stand out from my usual white background. This was a very difficult photo session, and it had me ripping my hair out. Trust me when I say it looks prettier in real life than it does in these photos.

So it looks super pretty, but how does it taste?

It's a sweet but tangy carbonated lemonade. It's good, but there are tons of beverages on the market that taste like this. The flavoring is a lot closer to a homemade lemonade than the stuff you can buy in a can at the grocery store, but it's still very sweet and reminiscent of lemon flavored Italian Ice.

I gave some to my sister, and she really liked it a lot. Maybe I'm just being picky, but I feel like this was good, not great. At the very least I now have a snazzy reusable glass bottle to bring my own fancy lemonades to the beach this summer, so that's pretty awesome. This fancy fizzy lemonade is sweet, tangy, refreshing, and perfect for summer, it's just not very unique.
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  1. How do I open the bottle?

    1. This uses a resealable swing-top cap. Common in home brewing.

      With the metal parts facing away from you, press both thumbs against the wires on either side and the bottle will swing open. Here is a video showing how to open and close the bottle.