Friday, June 26, 2015

Tastykake Strawberry Mini Donuts - Walmart - Cherry Hill, NJ

Tastykake Strawberry Mini Donuts - Walmart - Cherry Hill, NJ
Tastykake is an incredibly popular brand here on the east-coast, but I never really understood the hype. Their products are processed, sweet, and snack-cake-y, which has a certain junk-food appeal, but I'd rather have something fresh from a bakery. (Or Krispy Kreme.)

Even though I'm not a fan of their products, I'm a sucker for strawberries.

I still have a lot to do before I leave for the Summer Fancy Food Show this weekend, and it's already 3AM on a work night, so this is going to be a pretty quick review.

My food obsession isn't contained to this blog,  I have strawberry patterned fabrics and dishware, I wear strawberry perfume and strawberry deodorant, and I even bought a bottle of bubbles from Italy in the shape of a strawberry. Not only are these doughnuts strawberry flavored, but the bag is covered in them too! How could I resist? It's so cute!

The packaging us colorful and very different from the rest of the Tastykake doughnut line, so it's very easy to spot on the shelves. The layout is fairly basic and straightforward, the information is easy to read, and the bag keeps the doughnuts fresh. It's not a package design that would end up on The Dieline (one of my favorite design websites), but it definitely got my attention. I don't even like Tastykake, and yet into my cart it went.

Inside, the doughnuts look very similar to the plain powdered sugar version, but there are little peeks of pink that let you know that this is (supposed to be) full of strawberry goodness. Their cute, and just as messy to eat as any other powdered doughtnut on the market.

These little dough rings smell sweet and fruity in that artificial baked good kind of way. I'd say the scent is similar to a strawberry Pop-tart, but this is a bit sweeter due to the sugary coating.

I was a bit nervous about these, since I really don't like artificial strawberry flavoring, but I took a bite, and this barely tasted like berries at all! It might be bright pink on the inside, and smell fruity, but this is a complete let down.

This tastes just like a normal powdered doughnut, with a tiny hint of artificial strawberry, almost as if some Nesquick powder or something had found it's way into the doughnut batter. It doesn't taste bad at all, it's pretty much the same as the plain Tastykake doughnuts, but I was really hoping that the flavor would have been stronger.

I don't regret buying these, since I had fun photographing them, but I wouldn't buy them again, and unless you're a huge Tastykake fan, I suggest skipping this one just because it's so mild and barely different. If you love powdered doughnuts and want to very very slightly switch things up, give these a try, but I can't see anyone missing these when they're gone. They're too similar to their year-round product.
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