Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ruffles All Dressed - Wegman's

Ruffles All Dressed - Wegman's
All dressed? What does that even mean? Whatever it is, it's being advertised as the #1 flavor of crisp in Canada.
According to the internet (know-er of all things foody), All Dressed is a melange of ingredients that include tomato, salt, vinegar, onion, sour cream, barbecue, a sprinkle of this and a sprinkle of that. It's the “everything bagel” of Canada.
Sounds pretty good to me! Okay Canada, I'm sold. Let's give this a try!

As far as this bag's design, it looks like they went with a classier, and more modern approach. We've got two maple leaf shapes in the front of the bag, reminiscent of the Canadian flag, and some lovely flavor-related imagery. Pretty classy, right? I was kind of shocked, since that seemed a bit out of place for Ruffles as a brand, but then I saw their commercial. 
Yup, the commercial is silly, and pokes fun at Canadian stereotypes. That's more like the Ruffles brand I know. It's silly, trying a little too hard, and fun. Overall I like the bag's design and I can see where they were going with their marketing, but I think it was a bit too viral. Other than food bloggers who stalk all these food-related trends and products, I don't think the general public even knew these were available.

Moving on, what do "all dressed" chips taste like?
The first taste is a bit smokier than a classic Ruffled BBQ chip, which makes it easy to write these off as being overrated and boring, but if you keep snacking, all of the more complex flavors build up and these become incredibly addicting. I ate this whole bag in 2 days! (Should I be ashamed of that? Or proud? I'm going to go with proud.)

At first these taste like a crunchy BBQ chip, but there's this subtle meaty smokiness, that's kind of bacon-like, with a mild vinegar-y tang too and even a hint of cheesiness! These are sweet, savory, tangy, salty and crunchy all at once, but you only get the full effect if you snack on at least 5 chips in a row. (Which is why I ended up annihilating the bag in one weekend.)

At first bite, I wasn't wowed by these chips and I was going to suggest passing them by, but after giving them a real chance, I freaking love them! If you like more complex flavors and BBQ-style crisps, these are definitely worth checking out. They are really satisfying because they tackle so many different taste sensations, and they pair well with tons of foods. The only thing that could possibly improve them would be a hint of heat, but as is, they're still really darn good! Lucky Canada! I hope this becomes a permanent flavor here in the states, or else I'll be importing some crisps in the near future.
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