Sunday, December 6, 2015

Café Mocha m&m's - Target (Exclusive)

Café Mocha m&m's - Target (Exclusive) 
I've been insanely busy. My queue of pre-written reviews ran out earlier this week, and I meant to sit down and write some more, but between working late at my day job, taking commission work on the side, packaging and shipping holiday Etsy orders, starting a (beginners) yoga class, and dealing with all the holiday madness of buying gifts for my friends and family...I am stretched thinner than my waistband this month (hence the yoga). 
I'm beyond stressed out, so let's negate all that healthy activity I just did at yoga with some chocolate. (Best idea ever!) Thankfully this candy is coffee related too, so maybe it'll give me the boost I need to get my insanely long list of errands done today.

M&M's 2015 fall flavor designs were an improvement over last year's bags, but this flavor? It's like they took two steps forward, and three steps back. The Pumpkin Spice Latte m&m's had texture, interest, and it was relevant because it appealed to the good ol' "Fall Basic" meme that's been going around. This package has none of that meme-y goodness. We have red and green edges, which are colors often associated with Christmas, and the Red m&m is holding a mocha latte while wearing a Santa hat. There's no fun texture, or interesting visuals. The most interesting thing about this bag is Red's magically floating eyebrows(It took me forever to find a link to this clip. Go Team Venture!) So the bag isn't that cool looking, but it functions well.
This is being marketed as a Christmas candy, hence Red's Santa hat, so the m&m's inside are red and green to match the stripes out the bag. (As expected.) They're slightly larger than typical milk chocolate m&m's, but they smell sweet and chocolate-y like normal. There was no strong coffee aroma or anything to set these apart from a normal holiday-themed bag of candy.

I took a bite, and WOW. I bought these thinking that they would be a lazy holiday-color-swap-version of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte m&m's, which were also Target exclusive, but they're not! The coffee flavoring here is more intense, and it complements the milk chocolate base really well. If any of you are into baking, you know that most chocolate recipes call for a tiny bit of instant coffee powder to really make the chocolate shine. This candy is the perfect example of that idea, but in the opposite way. The coffee flavoring in these candies enhances the lower quality chocolate in these m&m's and makes them taste far better than usual. I bought these thinking they were going to be a flop, but I really like them!

These candies are addicting, and I don't even like coffee that much! I definitely recommend grabbing a bag of these for your holiday baking and the coffee lovers in your life. The coffee flavoring isn't terribly intense, and these won't five you coffee breath, but the flavoring was more authentic and appealing than I ever imagined. I'm really impressed with this product. (then again I went into this with REALLY low expectations.) I'm definitely buying another bag of these for my candy dish at my upcoming cookie swap.

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