Monday, December 21, 2015

Sugar Plum Delight Peeps - Target

Sugar Plum Delight Peeps - Target 
This is a product I have openly mocked in our Candyology 101 podcasts, and on Twitter. Now, we finally meet, shriveled purple testicle-ornament Peep. Let's see what you've got!

Why was I openly mocking this product? LOOK AT THESE ILLUSTRATIONS! How did these speckled purple testicle/butt ornament make it past development? Someone looked at this wand was like, "yup, that's appetizing go with it, just make sure the Peeps are shriveled and sad looking too, because that's what the people want." This package is brand new, fresh for the winter season, and already the Peeps look like those Scammer Aliens from the Futurama movie, Bender's Big Score. I love that Peeps wanted to try something new, and sugar plum is a great idea, but the illustrations are bad, and the Peeps look old and wrinkly...does anyone want this in their Christmas stocking this year? Maybe if they taste really awesome, people won't mind how ugly they are. 
Here is the wrinkly sugarplum scammer Peep, is all it's sad and wrinkled glory. How does it smell? Just as grandma-y as it looks. It smells floral and perfume-like, with a hint of fruity plum and a TON of sweetener. Mmm just want to take a bite out of it, don't ya'? 

I took a bite...and while it was better than I expected, I still kind of hate it. Which isn't a word I use too often in these food reviews. It takes a lot for me to admit that I hate something, and I hate these Peeps. This thing is CRAZY sweet, so sweet it makes my teeth ache a little bit. (Hooray for having a food blog and no dental coverage. Yup, I don't like to brag, but I'm really good at this adult-ing stuff.) 
The peep itself is covered in purple sanding sugar like always, but the marshmallow tastes especially sweet, and that white chocolate "fudge" dipped bottom is even sweeter still. There is a faint plum/prune-y fruity flavoring to the marshmallow, but the overwhelming flavor of this Peep is sugar saturated in your grandma's perfume. It's not completely awful, I can eat these if I had to, but I really don't enjoy them. It's like a chore.  

Maybe I can pawn the other two off on a few curious friends, but after that, I can safely say I wouldn't repurchase these wrinkly purple sugar bombs. They made for a fun bad review, but I don't want to eat these anymore, and just looking at them makes my teeth hurt. For a candy addict like me to say that, is really something. 
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