Sunday, January 17, 2016

Quickie Review: Cocomels

Cocomels Quickie Review - NY Fancy Food Show

Cocomels are absolutely amazing! They're rich, buttery, and decadent, which makes for a delicious candy, but as a caramel substitute, it's only accurate as far as the texturing is concerned. It's made from coconut milk, so there's no getting around this coconut flavoring, but for coconut lovers like me, that's not a problem! I love this stuff!

It tastes like a delicious coconut salt water taffy, but with a much softer and thinner texture. It's great for people with restrictive diets or allergies, because it's dairy free gluten free, vegan, and kosher. I have a great uncle who's lactose intolerant, and a cousin whose entire family are gluten free due to Celiac disease, and this stuff is so good that I'd buy it as a gift for everyone in my family regardless of restrictive diets or allergies. Instead of buying specialty products to single them out, this is a gourmet treat that my extended family will enjoy and if you like coconut, you might even like this more than real caramel.

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