Monday, February 1, 2016

Hubba Bubba Mystery Flavor Bubble Tape - Target

Hubba Bubba Mystery Flavor Bubble Tape - Target
I haven't had Bubble Tape in AGES, so when I saw that there was a "new mystery flavor" available, I had to have it. It's 6 feet of tooth-rotting goodness! I don't remember seeing this flavor around when I was a kid, but apparently this is some kind of re-release? This same exact flavor and packaging was released as "new" way back in 2011. Oh well, it may be old, but it's new to me!

Let's hope this flavor is as fun as my nostalgic bubble gum chewing brain is hyping it up to be!
Other than the updated branding and logo, this Bubble Tape container is exactly how I remembered it. It's plastic, recyclable, and it serves two purposes. The hinged portion and closure easily "cut" lengths of chewing gum, while the protective case keeps the rest of the roll fresh and clean. It's functions so well that I can't even think of any ways to suggest improving it. (But I might be biased since I've been swept away in a sea of nostalgia.) For this mystery flavor, the container is a dark blue with a silver glitter mixed into the plastic, and the labeling is mostly white with scattered questions marks in every color of the rainbow. It's cute, but I find myself missing the block-y colors and chunky bubble-letters that I grew up with in the 90's
When I opened up the plastic container I was really surprised that this gum wasn't white like Mystery Airheads, or that Mystery Push-Pop I reviewed a few weeks ago. It's a bright cyan-looking blue with red-violet sprinkle-looking bits mixed into it. I gave it a smell and the roll of chewing gum was tangy and a little sour, but the scent was really reminiscent of blue raspberry slushies and freezer popsicles. Is this just blue raspberry flavored? If so, I'm going to be really disappointed.

I cut of a strip of gum and gave it a chew, the initial flavoring is a lot more sour than I thought it would be. This isn't as powerful as a Warhead, the sourness was more like those Sweetart-like Cry Baby Tears candies, and the little sprinkle bits seemed to add a bit of texture to the normal bouncy rubbery chew. What does it taste like? Sour blue raspberry. Which is enjoyable, and I really like the added sour tang, but it's boring.

When something is a "mystery" flavor, I had high hopes that it'll be new, interesting, or difficult to place. The second you see and smell this gum, you know exactly what flavor it's meant to be. All the fun or guessing was sucked out of it! Will I chew the rest of this container? Sure! But I wouldn't repurchase, even though the texture was great for blowing bubbles.
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