Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mini Pumpkin Pies - Trader Joe's

Mini Pumpkin Pie- Trader Joe's
Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie~! My food hoarding isn't limited to the giant pile in my photo-room, it's apparently found it's way into my freezer. I was digging through my usual freezer stuff to find my giant bag of frozen french fries from BJ's, because I'm eating oh-so-healthy this week, and I spotted this box hidden in the depths of my icy freezer-prison where time and food are (obviously) forgotten. It didn't look freezer burnt, so why not review it for todays' #TBT and put it out of it's off-season misery?

Packaging-wise, this is pretty nice. The warm golden orange color is really reminiscent of fall and pumpkin pie, and the majority of the design is a product photo. The image isn't as sharp or polished other frozen pie-products on the market, and it has that typical overly warm yellow-red cast to it (like all Trader Joe's product photos), but it's not bad. I love food photos and imagery (which is kinda why I run a food blog...), so the fact that the image takes up the majority of the box is okay by me!
The instructions are easy enough to follow, you just remove the bite-sized pies from the plastic tray, place them on baking sheet, and cook them in the oven for a few minutes. (There was also a more lazy options of just letting the pie thaw for an hour or two so you can eat them as-is, but who doesn't love a warm slice of pie? Or in this case, a warm bite of pie.) As they cooked my house started to smell like Thanksgiving again, and I didn't mind one bit! 
Look how adorable these little pies are! They have a little heart cut out on top giving you a glimpse at the filling inside, and there are little chunks of sanding sugar sprinkled on top. This could not be any cuter. Let's hope they taste as great as they look!

I gently picked up a little pie using my hand, which is how they should be eaten and if you get a tiny knife and fork out just for this bite-sized pie, we can't be friends. The crust isn't as strong or crisp as it looks. Just picking it up caused the top layer to crack so they're more delicate than they look. I took a bite, and the top portion was crisp and flakey, with a little added sweetness from the sanding sugar, while the insides tasted like classic pumpkin pie mixed with a softer, more cookie-like, lower crust. So what's the final verdict? These things are delicious! It's everything I love about pumpkin pie, but it's bite sized! This product was destined for greatness! 

These little pastries are adorable, easy to cook up (they're practically ready to eat), and they taste great! The only bad part is that you only get 6 mini-pies per package, and even though 6 mini-pies seems like a perfectly fine serving for one of two people (likely one, since I could very easily, and happily, eat all 6 myself), these little treats might not be enough to satisfy party guests. SO if you're looking to serve these at your fall family gathering, you might want to skip the mini version and get a whole pie (or two) instead. Me? I'll definitely be repurchasing next fall! (But they're all mine.)  
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