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Maltesers Malty Chocolate Drink - Food Review UK

Maltesers Malty Chocolate Drink - Food Review UK
I made 2 YouTube videos (video 1, video 2) reviewing the products I got from my swap with Food Review UK, which was awesome, but a few of the products they sent over required a bit more prep so along with the videos I have a few items I'll be reviewing in blog post form. The first of which being this awesome Maltesers drink powder!
Before ever starting Sometimes Foodie I was lucky enough to travel and see a little bit of the world. My mother and I used touring services like Globus to go on a few guided tours to different locations. We were usually the youngest people on the tour, which was mostly elderly retired people from around the globe, but that helped us safe some money and see some awesome things. When I was in high school my mother took my sister and I on one of their tours through London and Paris. Here's a super embarrassing selfie I took on the Metro with my family with my ancient digital camera back before selfies were even thing.

Oh god. Don't judge me and my raccoon-eyeliner too harshly. I was 16 at the time. Anyway, the reason why I bought all this up in the first place was because while I was in London I wanted to try all kinds of foods and sweets we didn't have in the states and Maltesers were one of them. What are they? Well they're just malted milk balls to be honest. Nothing fancy. They're similar to Whoppers here in the states, but they have a stronger malt flavoring and a sweeter European-style chocolate. Since I loved malted milk balls, and I was a teenager who figured everything was better when it came from overseas, I fell completely in love with them. I ate several packages and I even had a Malteser-ice cream at one point. I remember it being shaped....well, very inappropriately, but it tasted phenomenal, so when I saw this little packet in my UK swap box I was super excited to relive a happy food memory from my youth.
The packet's instructions say to mix this up with hot milk, or water, so it seems like this is just a malty cocoa. It may not be fancy, but I love malted milk, and I love cocoa, so this still sounds pretty awesome to me.
I heated up my mug-o-milk, added the contents of my powder packet, gave everything a good stir, and voila! Drinkable Malteasers! Well, it wasn't entirely easy to be honest. This took quite a bit of stirring to get most of the powdery floaty lumps on the surface to blend in, and after a while I kind of gave up because all the stirring was making my mug look not-so-photo-ready.
Looking at this photo kills me, because I am insane and like picture perfect food photos for the blog. It took all my control to ignore the messy edges from all the stirring and leave things as-is without transferring this to a newer, prettier, mug, or wiping it down with a paper towel or something. So what you see is exactly what I got, and it tasted awesome! Creamy hot cocoa with a delightfully strong malt flavor. If Whoppers made a hot cocoa product I imagine it would taste similar to this, but the malted milk notes wouldn't be as strong. American Malted milk goods always water things down, but this? This is malty chocolatey goodness, and it's warm to boot!
Even though spring is here I'm still waking up to 30 degree F weather, and this hot cocoa was a very soothing and satisfying way to start my work day. I really enjoyed drinking this stuff and I'm really thankful to Food Review UK for sending it my way
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