Friday, April 15, 2016

Meiji Poifull Drink Mix - Asian Food Market

Meiji Poifull Drink Mix - Asian Food Market
Poifull may look like jelly beans, but the texture is completely different! The outside is sugary and kind of crumbly, similar to Jelly Belly style beans, but the inside is chewy, bouncy and soft. It's almost like a panned gummy, and it's absolutely delightful! Unlike a lot of American jelly beans, these are also flavored inside and out! The cores are each a different color to match their sugary exterior. For this mix in particular we have four soda-themed flavors, and I'm super excited to give these a try!

Poifull's packaging is bright, colorful, and fun to look at. I love the pale blue polkadots in the background, which remind me of soda bubbles, and the little drink illustrations are freaking precious! Plus Meiji even found a way to make a brown bean-shaped candy look appealing, which isn't that easy to do. Looking at this box just makes me happy. Any packaging that can do that is a winner in my book. Downside is...the box is really small. Much smaller than my cellphone (I'm still using a Samsung Galaxy S4 BTW), and it only contains 2-servings of bean-shaped sweets. I know America gets a bad rep for our huge portions, but I haven't even tried these little beans yet and I already know I want more!  
Not only is this box easy on the eyes, it's functional too! The top opens up into an easy pour spout to share with your friends, which is a nice thought, but I'm not sharing these things with anybody! I mean there's only two servings worth of beans inside. Sorry friends and family, this is one product I'm keeping to myself. (You guys get to eat all my other foodie leftovers so it's cool, right?) 
Inside this Soda mix we have four different colored candies each with their own unique flavoring inside and out.  
Cola (translucent brown) - Tastes very similar to the Haribo gummy cola bottles I love, which are reminiscent of flat cola with a hint of lemon, but these are sweeter with a brighter carbonated finish. This is a really well executed cola flavor, I'm super impressed!
Lemon Soda (translucent yellow) - This one starts out sweet, slightly carbonated, and mildly lemon-y, but the flavoring gets more authentic and lemonade-like towards the end. It's a bright and refreshing flavor that's very different from our usual lemon-lime flavored soda candies in America and I like this one a lot. 
Ramune (translucent blue) - Normally I HATE classic ramune, because it tastes like pink bubble gum, but this is actually really pleasant! The tangy hint of citrus and carbonation make the bubble gum-y-ness of this flavor less of an issue for me, and I actually like it quite a bit! (Which is rare. Normally ramune and I are NOT friends) I don't mind it in this mix, but I do prefer the cola and lemon flavors. 
Cider (translucent) - I had a TON of these in my box, and prior to buying this mix I really had no idea what this flavor even was. I looked Cider up and as far as I can tell it's just a sweetened carbonated beverage with a mild citrus flavoring, although some people think it tastes mildly ginger ale-like. These "beans" taste sweet and carbonated, but no flavor in particular stands out. If I didn't know any better I would think they were a sweetened soda water or tonic. They're not bad at all, but they don't shine like the other flavors in this mix. I was kind of disappointed I got a lot of these and less of the others. 
This was an AWESOME mix, even though the cider didn't shine on it's own, it amped up the carbonated experience of any bean I paired it with and made the mix even more enjoyable overall. 

I love Poifull. They're easy to write off when you see them in stores because they look like normal jelly beans, but trust me, they're completely different. These are a unique cross between a Jelly Belly bean panned shell and a gummy bear. The texture is just phenomenal! The only issue is that they are hard to find in my area. Sure, you can buy lots of stuff online, but I prefer to shop locally and it's rare for me to find these in my Asian Markets and when I do they never stick around for very long. If you see them in the checkout lane you really ought to give them a try. If you love gummies and carbonated sweets, this is the candy for you!  
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