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JUMBO Banana Split Marshmallows - Walmart

JUMBO Banana Split Marshmallows - Walmart
When I was a kid I was always went with the classic ice cream toppings: whipped cream, sprinkles (aka: jimmies) and a cherry on top. (Or 5. I really like cherries.) It wasn't until high school, when I worked at Friendly's, that I was introduced to a whole new world of topping possibilities. Peanut butter cups? Mini gummy bears? Oreo cookie crumbs? Yes, please!

At the time my favorite happy ending (which knowing what I know now is a TERRIBLE name for a 2-scoop sundae) was Friendly's Pistachio ice cream topped with marshmallow sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry. Marshmallow was such a great ice cream topping! Fast forward to now: I'm a banana obsessed food blogger who hasn't eaten at Friendly's since I worked there in 2004, and there's now a marshmallow replicating another of my favorite ice cream creations. If marshmallows on top of ice cream was awesome, marshmallows flavored like ice cream have got to be worth checking out, right? I had to try it!  

The bag design isn't terrible, but it's not something to gush over either. The bag serves it's purpose, and keeps the marshmallows inside fresh, but the images and color choices look a little dated. I understand the color choices were made to relate to the flavors, but I feel like this bag could have been a lot more fun and playful. These muted colors, an lazy illustrations just aren't working for me, but it does fit in nicely with the rest of the Kraft marshmallow bags, so I guess it's cohesive striped design is a good thing.

On the back of the bag they have some serving suggestions, which range from a banana marshmallow PB&J sandwich to banana split marshmallow kabobs. Neither "recipe" sound all that appealing to me, but hopefully the product will be great on it's own and won't need any frills to make it into an enjoyable snack.

I opened the bag up, and the marshmallows inside look like chunky little bananas with either a brown or pink stripe on the top.

Wat we have here aren't three different flavors of marshmallows, but two different banana-based combinations. One being chocolate banana, and the other a strawberry banana.

Chocolate Banana - Meh, this one is okay. The chocolate flavoring comes off as being very dry and cocoa-power-like and it overpowers the banana aspect. What little banana I can taste is pretty authentic, it tastes a lot like a banana milkshake or a pudding, but the cocoa is just too strong for my tastes. I feel like it takes away from the overall banana experience. Plus chocolate covered bananas are their own thing, they don't really make me think of banana splits at all. It's not a bad marshmallow, and it's okay for snacking, but it just doesn't capture the flavors behind a banana split.

Strawberry Banana - the clear winner in this bag! This stuff tastes like the base of those banana split themed ice creams, which if you didn't know already, is one of my favorite ice cream flavors ever! (It's tied with Cherry Garcia.) It's lightly sweetened with a fairly authentic banana flavoring and a hint of strawberry syrup. The strawberry part of this is a little artificial, and Nesquick-y, but this really does taste like banana split flavored ice cream! Sweet creamy vanilla, banana, and strawberry! I love it!

I find myself picking around the chocolate bananas just to get to the strawberry flavored ones, so it's not a perfect mix, but even so I would definitely buy these again. These were really satisfying, well the strawberry ones were, and they made for a really handy low fat desk-snack at work. (Although they're roughly 30 calories each, so don't go mistaking these for a health food.)
If you're a fan of banana split flavored ice creams, and marshmallows, do your self a favor and grab a bag of these before they disappear. My next step is to try these roasted and create some kind of banana split ice cream bas3ed s'more. I haven't worked out the logistics, or details yet, but I'm super excited about it.
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