Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sea Salt Kale Chips - Aldi

Sea Salt Kale Chips - Aldi
Two (somewhat) healthy Aldi reviews in a row?! Well, after Aldi's lack luster ranch flavored kale chips (more like kale croutons) I figured they deserved a chance to redeem themselves. Plus, my immune system failed me this week so I've got I the flu. Missing out on all that sunshine and nice weather while hiding under a pile of blankets and binge watching The X-Files has made me want to eat healthier in an effort to speed up my recovery. It's likely a dietary placebo to make me think I'll get better faster, but who know? Eating a little bit healthier couldn't hurt, right? Bring on the chips!

The bag's design looks crisp and clean with a heavy emphasis on the product photos. It looks light, appealing, and pretty healthy. I mean, it's green! Green means healthy. That's a completely proven scientific fact. (No, no it isn't.) I think this design is a little on the empty side of things which makes it look unfinished and a little house-brand-y, but it is a house branded item, so that's pretty much expected.

I opened the bag up and the chips inside look a lot like those popular veggie straws and chips that are sold at all the grocery stores, but in this case, they're all green. Not multi-colored, and they have a salty, almost metallic, smell to them.

These crisps have that very airy, almost styrofoam-like, lightness to them which always reminded me of teething foods for toddlers. Like those crispy Gerber's Graduates snacks. (I worked at a day care for a few years. Babies are cute, but they have no taste.)
Snack time! I grabbed a chip and popped it into my mouth. It has a light and airy crispness to it, which reminded me a lot of shrimp chips and other light snacks, but the flavoring was distinctly kale. It has that deep leafy green flavoring with a hint of iron and a savory dash of salt. I've never had kale chips in this form, but they're pretty darn good! It tastes a lot like the kale chips I make at home with my family, but it has a completely different texture.

I enjoyed these, but for the same price I can head over to product junction, buy a giant bunch of kale, and make 3 times as many normal kale chips on my own at home. So it's not really an economical way to snack some veggies into your snacking, but if you don't have the time to DIY them yourself, this is a pretty handy and tasty alternative. Since I do make my own I wouldn't buy these again for myself, but I imagine this would travel better for those of you stuffing a lunch box for you or your little ones.
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  1. Do you have a recipe you follow for the kale chips you make with your family?

  2. I bought these and they are delicious, but they are no where to be found. Please advise..