Monday, August 29, 2016

Dubble Bubble Summer Splash Gumballs - Dollar Tree ($1.00)

Dubble Bubble Summer Splash Gumballs - Dollar Tree ($1.00)  
I hosted another painting even in Camden, NJ on Friday, and I needed some dollar store supplies, and no trip to the dollar store is complete without exploring the candy aisle. I posted a mini haul photo over on Instagram, and one of the items I picked up were these Summer Splash gumballs. I may be a HUGE Halloween nerd, but I am going into fall kicking and screaming. All the spooky skulls and bats warm my heart, but I'm not ready for sweater weather. I feel like my summer has only just begun and yet the stores are already lining the shelves with pumpkin spiced everything...hopefully these bright and summery gumballs will help me take my mind off the impending back-to-school season.
The packaging reminds me of patterns from mini dresses from the 60's and 70's, but with the bright acid colors of the 90's. The colors pop, but the typefaces hold it back. (What's with the weird half-tone printing on the Dubble Bubble letters?) For a dollar store find this is pretty decent, but I feel like it looks slapped together. Inside the bag you get a healthy amount of gumballs colors that would make a highlighter blush, and the ratio seems a little off. I got way more of one flavor than the other, but let me jut say...
I freaking love these colors! I was obsessed with bright pink and lime green in high school. Do any of you guys remember AIM instant messenger? My away messages were works of ART. I'd make elaborate images with characters and fonts like wingdings or webdings, which of course would be written in neon green and pink against a black background with DDR song lyrics. They were as beautiful as they were obnoxious. Okay, enough walking down awkward teenage memory lane, time to snap some gum!  
Limeade (green) - To be honest, this one is very very mild and barely lime-y at all. It's sweet, and sugary, but the flavoring takes quite a bit of chewing to get going, and once it does it's pretty "meh." You get a slightly tangy lime flavoring, but overall, it's just sugary sweet bubble gum. What little flavor there is only lasts about 4 minutes, which is a bummer. Afterwards it has a great chewing texture, but when it comes to bubble blowing this stuff makes those thin sticky bubbles that pop and get all over your face. (I wouldn't recommend it in public.)
Pink Lemonade (pink) - Thankfully this one is more flavorful. You get a very sweet, almost cotton candy-like flavoring followed by a mild zesty lemon. This flavoring kicks in right away and sticks around longer than the other flavor, but it still doesn't last beyond a few minutes of so. After the flavoring is gone it feels like this flavor has a stiffer chew, which is less jaw-friendly, but it blows MUCH better bubbles. It's that stuffer gum that makes small, but strong, bubbles, so you won't break any records, but you won't have to run to the bathroom to scrape it off your face either.  
I'd definitely buy these again. The colors are bright and appealing, perfect for candy bars at events or parties, and each flavor has it's strong points. The lime is weak, but chewing-friendly, while the pink lemonade is stiff with better bubble blowing capabilities. I wish both flavors were a bit stronger, but for one dollar, it's a pretty good value! I'd definitely buy these again. 
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