Thursday, September 1, 2016

NEW Target Exclusive Maple Peeps!

Coming Sept. 4th to Target
I spotted these over on the official Peeps Facebook page last night. They're Target exclusive and will be available on September 4th. 
This flavor seems pleasant enough, but I'm surprised they didn't go with a pancake theme instead of straight-up Maple Brown Sugar. Also, can we just collectively write a letter demanding that Peeps ditch their gross "fudge" dipped bottom? I think these new flavors would be far better without it. Or am I the only one who hates these them? 
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  1. I am in agreement to lose the fudge bottom. I like to toast my Peeps and this fudge bottom makes that difficult.

  2. Also they could have added more peeps in the flavored ones. Than 3 peeps they could expand more. Ditch the bottom too.