Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Candy Corn OREO - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Candy Corn OREO - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
Way back, in 2013, I was blogging about food exclusively on the Sometimes Foodie Tumblr, and even though I've been slowly adding the old reviews to this main blog, this one slipped past my radar.  Look at this old packaging!! I miss the twist tie top... So here is what I though of the Candy Corn Oreos back when I was a food blogging-baby. (Complete with my old watermarks.)
As most of you foodies know, these special limited edition Oreos are going to be made available TOMORROW (Monday, September 10th) only at Target stores. Well, somehow my local Target put them out early…and I got them on the 7th! I didn’t even know about the exclusive release date until my sister and Katya (over on my Facebook page) mentioned it! 
So here they are! Candy Corn Oreos! 
The packaging is very bright! Usually fall themed foods have subdued colors, like browns, but Oreo went with a bright yellow to match the colorful candy corn. Like all the new Oreo packages, it is easy to open and resealable with a twist-tie style closure at the top.
Inside, the cookies were actually a mess. I cleaned the packaging up a bit because orange icing was everywhere! You can still see some orange icing on the cookies a bit.
The cookies don’t really smell like candy corn. The aroma is really buttery and pleasant, but it really doesn’t make me think of candy corn. 
The filling is two-toned, but each color tastes the same. The overall flavor is a lot like a cake-batter ice cream. There is a warm, buttery, vanilla flavor that I really enjoy. I actually like these a lot more than the real thing!  
These are yummy, but they don’t taste like candy corn, so if you are hoping that they do, you’ll be disappointed. (My sister will be buying a bag for herself because she loves them THAT much. I think they are really yummy too, but they taste more like cake batter than the actual cake batter Oreos that were made for their anniversary.)
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